MEC Main Event 1 Results and Report

October 20, 2012 11:15pm | by:

Main 1 Results:

1. Villopoto
2. Barcia
3. Dungey
4. Tomac
5. Reed
6. Grant
7. Alessi
8. Cunningham
9. Canada
10. Brayton
11. Chisholm
12. Weimer
13. Balbi
14. Friese
15. Swanepoel
16. J Alessi
17. Partridge
18. Howell
19. Politelli
20. Craig
21. LeMay

Report: Josh Grant grabbed the holeshot--of the real start. In the first start, the right side gates didn't even drop! So they red flagged the race and restarted. JG grabbed the start while Villopoto and Dungey battled for second. Dungey appeared to bend his shift lever on a tuff block, and RV was quickly around and into second. Later, he passed Grant for the lead.

Justin Barcia was on the move and block passed Dungey, then Grant messed up a rhythm lane and Barcia moved around him into second. Barcia, Villopoto and Dungey all ducked into the Joker Lane, and Dungey lost three positions as Grant, Chad Reed and Eli Tomac charged past. But Dungey stayed close, and when they went for the Lane, he passed them back for third. Tomac then narrowly edged Reed for fifth.