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Your Collection: 1984 Suzuki RM500E

This weeks collection comes to us from Victor Hergert in Washington.

This is my 1984 Suzuki RM500E. I raced amateur MX from the late 1970’s through the early 80’s in the Pacific Northwest of Washington state. The last bike I raced was a 1983 RM500D back then. I picked this up about 6 years ago as I really wanted a bike from my past. This bike is very mechanically sound as all suspension, the bottom and top ends have been gone through, new chain and sprockets and the jetting fine tuned. It runs great and I try to get it out at least once a year. Plastics are a bit worn, but wanted to keep it as original as possible. About the only aftermarket parts it has are the Answer silencer, clutch and brake levers, Gunnar Gasser throttle, and Scott grips.



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