Railed Magazine

October 9, 2012 10:35am

Railed Magazine is now up and running, created by a small group of Australian motocross enthusiasts with some help from international friends to ensure quality worldwide coverage is provided.

Railed is available as an App via the iTunes App Store, or as a desktop edition via our website, www.railedmag.com The App will work on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, while the desktop version will allow you to view on your desktop computer, laptop, or any other internet enabled device.

The first issue is available free of charge and offers a small introduction in to the vibe, feel and general direction of the content prior to future editions requiring to be purchased. Future editions will be available as a single issue purchase or as an annual subscription. Exact pricing is iTunes store dependent based on your location.

Best way to check it out;

  • Go to the iTunes App Store and search for “Railed” or,
  • Go to www.railedmag.com where the home page has the option for desktop or iTunes links.

Issue 2 will be available late October featuring AMA MX Nationals review, Australian MX Nationals review, plus two in depth articles totaling around 100 pages.

For any questions about Railed Magazine please email contact@railedmag.com