Rev Up: Merica

Rev Up Merica

September 27, 2012 10:10am

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Rev Up. Time to tap the gloves, son. When this time a year comes around my fingers glide across the keyboard a little swifter. I love this race. Taking place in the off-season with no money to speak of, this dust up has always been and always will be about pride. I like to watch the banter between “us and them” take place. You never have to ask an American to be patriotic. It is in our nature to have our chest puffed out. This action alone makes things the way we are in the world. Fact. In the sport of professional motocross, this action is compounded. Do you know what makes American motocross riders the best? It is because there is no freedom like riding a motorcycle. Solitude, and freedom. That’s what we do here in “Merica.” We, here, live in the greatest land in the world. And we ride dirt bikes faster than everyone else in the world. Together.

Time to bring the Chamberlain trophy back where she belongs. We’re going to take the three best riders from each country and go three motos, throwing one bad moto out to decide who wins? Ok, we’ll take that.

This is 'Merica. We’ve seen this kind of threat more times than there are stars on our flag. There is a rider that is fast and wants to prove to the world how fast he is. So, what? What we do here is show up as a team and prove to the world that we are the best. Together. Which, we are.

Ryan Dungey is back to lead Team USA in the MX1 Class.
Simon Cudby photo

Please allow me to introduce my team:

World, what you have on your hands is Ryan Dungey. I’m not going to insult the prowess of you international readers. That’s all I need to write about in regards to our man standing tall out front. We’re bringing you Ryan Dungey. He’s ready to race. Both middle fingers up from this writer.

Up next, I’m pretty much shadow boxing when I write two words. Justin. Barcia. So, there is some new speed out there? I’ve watched “that guy” all year and I respect his speed and aggressive riding style. We have a little something for you, folks. Barcia. Bring anything you want to bring. Barcia is ready to chop wood. And if you want to get rough, well, that is okay. My man is ready. He'll break your leg, buddy. Better not, better not, hear?

“Bad” Blake Baggett. It will only be a few days until you agree with me, but you’ll see. What does the world know about heart? We have a little American heart coming at you. His right wrist will be buried at his rib cage. He will not stop until the checkered flag flies. Period.

We’ve sent our boys over there. We sent them where they don’t eat what they normally do, not when they like to sleep. Our boys are going to face the world on a track that is unfamiliar. OK, its sandy, check.

Blake Baggett is also back for Team USA.
Simon Cudby photo

What we have in front of us is a challenge. That is what we do. Keep throwing up meat, and we’ll hit’em into the fountain. I just can’t wait. It’s actually comical how the motocross community has put all of this heat on that young rider over there. He is a good racer. We’ve seen the like. What we do is kick them in the teeth and show them why we are the best. Why we are strong. This is 'Merica. I’m not going to even bring other racers up in this column. I’ve mentioned, Ryan Dungey, Justin Barcia, and Blake Baggett into this one. Our boys are ready. You know damn right they are ready.

In closing, I’d like to put a little disclaimer on “Merica.” The world likes to make fun of us. They think we live in this oblivious bubble of arrogance. We may be guilty of arrogance, but our patriotism is pure innocence. It isn’t our fault the way we act. For American motocross fans, that onus lays on names like Donnie Hansen, Johnny O'Mara, Danny Chandler, David Bailey, Bob Hannah, Jeff Ward, Ricky Johnson, Mike LaRocco, Mike Kiedrowski, Jeff Emig, Ricky Carmichael....

This is 'Merica. We speak the language of fear and ass-whooping. Mock our bravado, hell we mock ourselves, but don’t mistake the power of our heart. Ready yourself for another demonstration of our ability to race dirt bikes. We are the best in the world.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.