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Racer Websites for Everyone

Oil City, PA - With today's internet traffic websites are becoming the norm for top athletes and race teams aspiring to gain valuable exposure and sponsorship. Now athletes and teams of all skill levels are taking a page out of the pro's playbooks and gaining valuable online exposure for themselves by having well-built websites. Wide Open Websites has developed a simple solution for all, and it is being put to use by a variety of motocross racers.

One rider who is using a website to her advantage is Lauren Plate. She is coming off 9th overall finish at Loretta Lynn's Amateur National last month and now she is hoping her online exposure can show off some of her talents, and help her get the support she deserves.

Other riders like expert racer Russell Lineman, intermediate racer Russell Kruza, and even the 50cc duo of Caleb and Devon Lineman are all hoping to gain some support by way of their website's exposure. "Even a small product discount goes a long way," says Carl Lineman of Lineman Racing, "Anything that can help us achieve that is well worth it."

Websites are not only great for exposure, but sponsors appreciate the added benefits of links back to their website and it is also a nice touch when they are looking through hundreds of resumes. It makes a rider stand out, and with this economy sponsors want to get the most exposure they can from their rider support programs.

If you are an athlete or team and you are looking to develop a simple, high quality website check out some of our current websites in our gallery at and e-mail With our current promotion this month you can get an all-inclusive website package for $100 per year and a free bike stand as well (a $40 value).

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