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Racer X Tested: CR85cc


Honda said enough to two-strokes in 2007 and has not looked back.  While most of us bigger guys seem to really enjoy that four-stroke power, there is not a lot of options for kids nowadays.  Kids can really benefit from riding a two-stroke, and we all know the cost benefits when it comes to maintenance.  Honda had a great 85cc bike from 03-07, with the 06-07 being the best.  You can still find great deals on some low mileage CR85’s out there.  We found this very clean one on craigslist for under $700. With just a little TLC, and not too much money, it is ready to hit the track.

The key in finding a good used bike is trying to find one that was just trail ridden, like this one, and never raced.  If it still has the stock top-end on it, even better.

Since this bike was not abused, it just needed a new top-end, a good cleaning, and it was ready to go.  Since this bike is ending up with Jay Clark’s kid, in this case, he felt it best to add on some good performance and go fast parts.

What we got is a great, low-cost, entry level racer that would be great on the local level for most riders.

A Vertex Piston and V-Force reed cage are the extent of the engine mods. A FMF pipe and shortly silencer help the bike to really bark.

The suspension was freshened up with some new Pivot Works bearings and seals.

Rider: Cade Autenrieth

Vertex Pistons                           515-270-2302
Pro Replica Piston kit (ring, pin and clips)   

Cometic Gasket                        800-752-9850
Top End engine gasket kit               

FMF Racing                             310-631-4363            
Fatty chrome exhaust                        
Shorty Silencer                                     

MotoTassinari                          603.298.6646
V-Force Reed Cage                          

CV4                                           800-874-1223            
Formed Silicone Coolant hoses in red

Pivot Works                           515-402-8000
Steering stem bearing kit      
Fork Rebuild kit
Shock rebuild kit

Motosport Outlet                      888-676-8853
All mod parts are available directly from at even more       

Uni Filter                                   714-535-6933
Two-Stage air filter

Renthal                                      877-736-8425
Front and rear sprocket           
R1 Works Chain                               
Mini Bars
Dual compound grips

Dunlop Tire                          800-845-8378
MX 51 front  
MX 51 rear 

MX Plastics                               800-843-8244
All new Plastic kit                 
DeCal Works                            815-784-4000
Semi-Custom Graphics kit                  
Pre printed number plates backgrounds 

Moto Seat                                  951-258-5229
Custom Cool seat cover

Works Connection                   1-800-349-1475
Elite Clutch Perch                 
Radiator Brace

Silkolene                                    817-581-8616
Lubricants and Oil

ThreeBond                                513-779-7300
TB-1211 Sealant used no exhaust flange and exhaust pipe
TB-1501C Grip lock