AGV Helmets Accepting Resumes

August 28, 2012 2:30pm

AGV Helmets Accepting Resumes Through

AGV will begin accepting resumes today for the 2013 motocross season. AGV helmets are accepting resumes on-line through AGV is accepting resumes for all levels of sponsorship. Riders are encouraged to send resumes electronically through MXSponsor, a fast and easy way to examine athletes for sponsorship. “We are excited to announce our 2013 sponsorship program, and our third straight season using MXSponsor to find the best riders possible to represent our brand. The site is very simple to use for both the riders and our company, and caters exclusively to motocross racers only. We have some amazing new product for this season and we are ready to start equipping racers with our new line of helmets.” Say’s Giovanni Fogal from AGV.

The program is live on the site today.

How to Submit a Resume to AGV HELMETS:

To submit a sponsorship resume to AGV, riders need to sign up, free, at Once here, riders can build their online profile, upload action photos and video’s, post race results and submit their profile resume to nearly 200 motocross companies. is the fastest and easiest way to be sponsored in the motocross industry. To submit a resume to AGV directly, click here: