Injury Report: Unadilla

Injury Report Unadilla

August 17, 2012 10:45am

Tommy Hahn – Injured Shoulder and Fractured Vertebrae
Comment: Early reports have Tommy Hahn being airlifted from the Masterpools’ track after crashing hard. Hahn Tweeted that he has a dislocated shoulder and broken T-3 vertebrae. The early word is that Hahn will be ok, but he definitely won’t be lining up at Unadilla this weekend. We’ll post more on this situation as official information becomes available.

Matt Lemoine – Broken Foot
Comment: Lemoine broke his foot when he got it caught in a deep rut at Southwick and will not be racing at Unadilla.

James Stewart –  Hurt Wrist
Comment: Stewart injured his hand/wrist in a first-moto crash at Thunder Valley. After attempting to come back to the series several times, but each time felt that he wasn’t ready to battle for the win. Stewart will return to racing at Unadilla.

Nico Izzi – Back Pain
Comment: Izzi crashed hard in the first moto at RedBud and sat the second moto out after experiencing pain in his back. Izzi missed Washougal, and a missed flight caused him to miss Southwick. The team plans on Izzi racing this weekend at Unadilla.

Hunter Hewitt –  Staph Infection
Comment: Hewitt has been fighting fatigue and after learning he had a staph infection, sat Washougal and Southwick out, and will not be racing at Unadilla.

Ryan Villopoto - Knee Injury
Comment: Villopoto is back riding after suffering a torn ACL at the Seattle Supercross. No official word yet on a possible return date, but it will more than likely be at the Monster Energy Cup.

Jarred Browne –  Nerve Damage in Right Elbow
Comment: Nerve damage in Browne’s elbow is affecting his right hand. Browne is out for the rest of the season.

Nick Wey – Three Fractured Vertebrae, Dislocated Hip and Broken Ribs
Comment: Wey had a terrible crash at Spring Creek that sent his bike tumbling into the creek and him to the hospital. Wey’s fractured vertebrae have been fused, and he will not be racing for the rest of the year.

Tommy Hahn will miss Unadilla after a practice crash yesterday.
Simon Cudby photo

Tommy Weeck -  Broken Tibia and Fibula
Comment: Star Valli Rockstar Yamaha fill-in rider Tommy Weeck broke his tibia and fibula practicing at Glen Helen and is out for the year.

Drew Yenerich –  Concussion
Comment: Yenerich will miss the remainder of the season

Gareth Swanepoel –  Broken Leg
Comment: Swanepoel broke his tibia and fibula at Spring Creek. He will undergo surgery and sit the rest of the season out.

Kyle Peters –  Dislocated Shoulder
Comment: Peters injured his shoulder in a mountain bike crash before RedBud. He raced through the pain at RedBud and Spring Creek, but missed Washougal and Southwick. Peters hopes to be back racing at Unadilla.

Ivan Tedesco –  Hurt Knee
Comment: After taking some time off to heal up after a sustaining a lacerated kidney and broken rib in a big crash at Budds Creek, Tedesco hurt his knee at Washougal and will not be racing at Unadilla.

Shane Sewell –  Broken Left Humerus and Torn Left Meniscus
Comment: Sewell will not return to racing until 2013.

Jessica Patterson –  Broken Hand
Comment: Patterson broke her hand while practicing for RedBud, but still lined up to salvage a few points. Patterson underwent surgery for her injury, and will be racing the rest of the series.

Matt Moss – Illness
Comment: Moss is out for the rest of the season and is focusing on getting healthy again.

Brett Metcalfe –  Broken Tibia and Dislocated Wrist
Comment: Metcalfe went over the bars when his bike ran out of gas in a rhythm section at Glen Helen Raceway in Southern California. Metcalfe underwent surgery for his injuries and is out for the season.

Matt Lemoine will miss Unadilla.
Simon Cudby photo

Kyle Cunningham –  Injured Ankle
Comment: Cunningham did further damage to an already injured ankle when he hooked a rut with his boot at Budds Creek. Cunningham’s team says he may return for the final two races of the season.

Dillon Huddleston –  Broken Scapula
Comment: Huddleston is undergoing physical therapy and hopes to be racing at The Lake Elsinore National.

Sayaka Kaneshiro - Injured Wrists and Ankle
Comment: Kaneshiro sustained injury while practicing for RedBud and is out for the season.

Myles Tedder –  Broken Foot and Labral Tear in Shoulder
Comment: Tedder crashed at Budds Creek on the last lap of the first 250 moto, breaking a bone in his right foot and tearing the labrum in his left shoulder. Tedder was looking at a three week recovery, but opted to take some additional time off to have surgery to repair a nagging problem with his shoulder. Tedder may be back for the final race at Lake Elsinore.

Amanda Maheu - Torn Labrum
Comment: Maheu’s injuries will keep her out of competition for the rest of the year.

Darryn Durham - Dislocated Shoulder and Torn Labrum
Comment: Durham injured his shoulder practicing before the start of the outdoor season and is out for the season.

Dean Wilson - Injured Shoulder
Comment: Wilson attempted to race Hangtown with a shoulder injury sustained in supercross, but it didn’t work out. Wilson underwent surgery, and is likely to miss the rest of the outdoor season. In the meantime, Wilson is keeping himself busy by Tweeting interesting pictures.

Cole Seely - Ruptured Kidney, Lacerated Liver and Whiplash
Comment: Seely crashed hard in SLC and while there is not an exact timetable on his return, he is expected to miss most of the outdoor season. Seely recently tweeted the following: “Well everything with my injury is good except my kidney. Having surgery on it soon then I should be able to ride shortly after that.”

PJ Larsen is back on the bike.
Simon Cudby photo

Bryce Vallee - Lacerated Liver and Kidney, Two Broken Femurs, Three Pelvic Fractures, Shattered Left Elbow with Radial Nerve Damage, Fractured Collarbone and Fractures in Lower Spine
Comment: Vallee suffered a horrible crash while leading a race at Pala Raceway. After being landed on  multiple times, he was airlifted to Palomar Hospital and underwent two surgeries, with rods inserted in both femurs and three plates and 33 screws used to repair the left elbow. After multiple surgeries, a month in the hospital and much hard work and therapy, Bryce is now walking again much to the surprise of his doctors. With the help of Eddie Casillas of Asterisk Medical and Charles Dao of ICON Sports, here is a video of Bryce walking for the first time on May 30th at the ICON facility in Murietta, less than 2 months after the crash. Donations for medical expenses can be made at

PJ Larsen - Foot and Knee Injury
Comment: In Toronto, Larsen went down hard during practice in a rhythm section, sustaining injuries to his knee and foot. Larsen is back riding and hoping to race the last two rounds.

Jimmy Decotis - Torn ACL
Comment: Decotis crashed while practicing and tore his ACL. The injury effectively takes Decotis out of action for the rest of the year.

Chad Reed - Broken Tibia and Fibula, Broken Ribs, Broken T6 Vertebrae and a Torn ACL
Comment: Reed is back on the bike, but won’t be racing any of the remaining Nationals.

Trey Canard - Injured Back
Comment: After a terrible crash in Los Angeles, Canard was released from the hospital on January 29 and was able to return home. Canard is back on the bike and plans on making his return to racing in 2013.


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