Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

August 3, 2012 9:40am

Hi Ping,

I enjoy reading your articles and watching your video's on Racer X. It looks like you still have it on a dirt bike!

How do you think your results would be at a National? (either 250's or 450's). Also, are you planning to do a sequel to Motocross 101 at any stage?

Keep up the great work.




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Dear Brett,

Thanks for watching! I still enjoy riding as much as I ever have. But there is a huge difference between riding and racing. I think I could probably turn one lap fast enough to put me into a National without too much problem. But the intensity and utter lack of proper judgment required to get through the opening laps of a National where there are riders on either side of you, in front of and behind you and sometimes above you, is something I just don’t have anymore. I’m never more content to be a spectator on the sidelines than on the first few laps of a race. How would my results be? Terrible. I would roll off the throttle about halfway down the start straight and round the first turn in last. As the pack spread out I would slowly pick it up and start moving forward. I would pass a few guys and beat those who chalk up a DNF. I’m guessing I could break the top thirty with a little luck. Definitely not worth signing up, if you ask me.

I don’t have plans to produce a second DVD; unfortunately I don’t have the time right now. But don’t let that stop you from going to and buying a couple copies for you and your friends.




Hey Ping,

First, your Ask Ping section is awesome. I love reading it every week and you're one of my favorite riders!  Now, I was wondering how far along are you with the paramedic/firefighter deal and how you like it so far because I'm in the process and I just passed the EMT test. I know still have a bit to go.  Lol.  Also I was wondering what you think of the husqvarna line up, mainly the 3 MX bikes/portion of it. I've been thinking about possibly getting one. Thanks in advance!

-El Cucuy

Sandy Eggo (San Diego)



  • Maybe you can find a DKNY model?
El Cucuy,

I have my paramedic license, my firefighter 1 certificate and about a dozen other certs from firefighter training classes. Right now I am working as a Paid Call firefighter with San Bernardino County Fire and as a reserve firefighter with Rincon Fire. I am in the hiring process with about six different departments at the moment and should have news in the next several months about which direction I’ll go. It seems like departments are finally starting to hire again after almost two years of nothing. Keep up the hard work… it will be worth it.

I haven’t had a chance to ride any of the new Husqvarna bikes but I have heard good things about their 250 off-road model. I think their focus has been more on the off-road market and not so much on motocross lately, but that could change. I know they have hired some great personnel in their Corona office and things are bound to improve all the way around with good people at the helm. Plus, Travis Preston won a supercross on one, so, there’s that. Good luck with everything.





There's plenty of bad grammar in MX, by the racers and the press alike, which I accepted long ago. However, what's up with RacerX's recent usage of an apostrophe after the colloquialism "gonna?" This grammatical sin of commission is strange.




  • Is that an apostrophy?
Dear DW,

I’d love to blast you for playing the role of Internet Grammar Police. I can literally picture you sitting at a peculiarly small Ikea office desk in your underwear with a thesaurus, a can of number 2 pencils and a cup of coffee scouring the web for mistakes. However, I’ve been known to club to death the occasional illiterate with a Merriam-Webster’s of my own so I should probably just tip my cap to you and say good day. But I think you are being a little uptight here. I know apostrophes are supposed to show possession and contractions but there are some confusing, gray areas in the language as well. Not to mention there are those who argue that the apostrophe is a relic and should be removed from the English language altogether.

I have a different pet peeve. When I hear someone say, “I seen him” instead of “I saw him,” I could honestly kill myself. For some reason that is like nails down a chalkboard and it’s as if every rider in our sport has conspired to use that phrase instead of what is appropriate just to piss me off. If that raised comma known as an apostrophe is your “seen” then I will officially back off and wish you luck on your quest to correct people worldwide.

P.S. You didn’t put a space between Racer and X when addressing our company name. If I had a red pen I would mark that as incorrect and send it back to you with a note to your mom.




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