Bench Racing Ammo: Building  a Championship Effort

Bench Racing Ammo Building a Championship Effort

July 31, 2012 12:00pm

The 2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is going very well for the Red Bull KTM squad. Ryan Dungey has delivered the team’s first premier class victories, and barring injury, is poised to take the brand’s very first 450 National Championship. In the 250 ranks both Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen continue to earn a healthy amount of points on any given weekend.  Of course, it wasn’t always this way. In fact, despite winning their first National in the form of a 125 Class overall with Kelly Smith at High Point in 2000, KTM wasn’t able to finish a year with riders in the top ten in both classes until 2001. Here’s a look at the stats from the highest finishing, top-ten KTM-mounted riders since 2001.

125/Lites/250F Class 250/450 Class
Rider Points Final Pts. Rider Points Final Pts.
2012 (Through Rd 8)  Ken Roczen
305 TBD Ryan Dungey 383 TBD
2011 Mike Alessi 304 5th
2010 Mike Alessi 314 5th
2009 Tommy Searle 332 6th Justin Braytonn 249 7th
2008 Ryan Sipes 228 6th Nick Wey 264 6th
2007 Martin Davalos 203 9th Mike Alessi 423 2nd
2006 Mike Alessi 448 2nd
2005 Mike Alessi 367 3rd
2003 Grant Langston 380 1st John Dowd 190 10th
2002 Brock Sellards 216 8th John Dowd 288 7th
2001 Grant Langston 444 2nd John Dowd 326 7th

KTM may not have been able to put riders in the top ten in both classes until 2001, but what a year that turned out to be. The championship came down to the final moto, and as the race entered its final stages, Grant Langston was looking good for the championship. Then with two laps to go, his rear wheel collapsed, and with it, KTM’s shot at getting their first National championship. In 2003, Langston came back and won the title. Interestingly enough, KTM followed their success up the following year by failing to put a single rider in the top ten in either class.

Mike Alessi may have never won a championship for KTM, but he did win several races and finished inside the top-ten five times for them. In fact, of the 4976 points listed above, Alessi is responsible for 1856 of them. That’s 37.3 percent! In addition to earning a large chunk of points for the orange folks, Alessi also bears the honor of most points earned in a single season for KTM, in both classes no less! Of course, with eight motos remaining and Ryan Dungey averaging 23.9375 points per moto and Ken Roczen averaging 19.0625 points per moto, it seems likely that 2012 is the final year that Alessi will hold those records.

After looking at the stats above, be sure to share any interesting trends you’ve spotted in the comments section.