Motocross des Nations Art

July 27, 2012 3:45pm

Fans decide who should be honoured in Art for their Motocross des Nations contribution to Team USA!

I'd like to throw it open to this RacerX fans to decide who, in your opinion, deserves to be on the painting for their contribution to the success of Team USA.????????????????? 
Please write a few words about why you have chosen them if you can!

The short list is:



Johnny Omara 
Chuck Sun 
Danny Laporte 
Donny Hansen 
Jim Gibson 
Danny Magoo Chandler 
Jim Gibson 
Mark Barnett 
Broc Glover 
david Bailey 
Ricky Johnson 
Jeff Ward 
Ron Lechien 
Jeff Stanton 
Billy Liles 
Mike Larocco 
Jeff Emig 
Damon Bradshaw 
Bob Hannah 
Doug Henry 
Travis Pastrana 
Mike Keidrowski 
Jeremy McGrath 
Ryan Hughes 
Steve Lamson 
Ricky Carmichael 
Ivan Tedesco 
Kevin Windham 
Ryan Villopoto 
Tim Ferry 
James Stewart 
Ryan Dungey 
Jake Weimer 
Trey Canard 
Andrew Short 

team Manager/staff
Roger DeCoster 
Mitch Payton 
Bevo Forte 
Roy Jansson 

Let the voting commence! 
I will choose one participant at random to receive an artist proof of a giclee print of Ron Lechien 1988 MXDN France!