Dedicated Athletics Washougal Report

July 27, 2012 3:20pm

Washougal, WA – Dedicated Athletics rider Kellian (Killy) Rusk #84 finished 15th overall and rider Jason Potter #758 finished 23rd overall at the eighth round of the Lucas Oil Pro 250 Motocross Championship held at Washougal MX Park.

Moto one Rusk qualified inside the top twenty and was able to secure himself an inside gate for the long fast start. Heading into the first corner he was able to sneak his way around and move forward. Heading up Horsepower Hill he was able to pass multiple riders. Coming by the mechanics area on lap one he was in the 17th spot. As the moto progressed he moved into the 15th position. While chasing down 14th Rusk had a small tip over and was able to remount not losing any positions but he did lose a little bit of time ending the moto in 16th spot.

Moto two Rusk was able to pull a little better start coming around the mechanic area in 14th position. He stayed there for much of the race. As the laps counted down he made a couple small mistakes letting Baker by and ending the moto again in the 16th position. Moto one Potter came through lap one in 28th position. He moved ing the moto with consistent lap times. He was as high as 19th spot and finished a solid 20th, earning his  first ama point outdoors since overcoming several injuries over the past few seasons.  Moto two Potter had a little better start. He came around in 22nd on the first lap. Potter had a minor bike issue causing the rear wheel to lock up, which stalled the bike. This pushed Potter back over 40 seconds behind the last place rider. Potter was able to fix the problem and charged up to 32nd by the end of the moto.  Dedicated Athletics is extremely proud of both riders efforts. We also want to thank Rockwell Watches and Firepolicemx.        About: Dedicated Athletics is a quality action sports clothing brand based out of San Diego, CA. Dedicated Athletics is dedicated to the quality and style of their products and to the athletes they support. For more information, contact or visit and look for the new website to open soon at