Villopoto, Short, Sipes and Hill on the Pulpmx Show Tonight

July 24, 2012 1:20pm

After an amazing 100th show with the GWB team being reunited, the fun keeps going tonight on show #101. The Pulpmx Show presented by is back with a look at Washougal and all that went down.

Monster Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto took in the Washougal race as his comeback from knee surgery continues. RV will be on the show tonight to give us his thoughts on the race, his chances of racing any nationals or the MXDN and whether or not he’s going to ride for H&H.

Chaparral Honda’s Andrew Short ended the day third overall and sits fourth in the 450 points. And yes, his wife did indeed buy one of her old Plano Honda race bikes from when co-host Kenny Watson managed the team. We’ll talk Washougal and old bikes tonight with Andrew.

Star Yamaha’s Ryan Sipes dropped down to the 250 class this weekend to help out his team and logged in a couple of solid 8-8 rides on Saturday. We’ll have Ryan on to talk about his season, switching bikes, next year and much more.

H&H’s Josh Hill raced his first national in three years and even survived a harrowing crash in moto one. Second moto Josh scored some points and all in all, it was a nice comeback to racing for the guy. We’ll have Josh on to talk Washougal and his thoughts on the very popular comeback.

Our regular call-screener Tits Legendary will be out tonight (probably still celebrating with the Great Western Bank guys) so we’ll have Pookie Matthes working the phones, taking your calls and making sure we’re on topic tonight.

What you’ll want to do is log-in to at 6PM PST/9PM EST and click on the Pulpmx Show banner. That will take you to the media player where you can increase your moto knowledge. As usual, you can call in at anytime during the show to talk to the guest or the hosts at 702-586-PULP (7857).

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