450 Moto One Report: Washougal

450 Moto One Report: Washougal

July 21, 2012 4:50pm

When the gate dropped Mike Alessi grabbed the holeshot and immediately started building a lead. Behind were Josh Grant, Ryan Dungey and Jake Weimer. Weimer put an early pass on Dungey, but it wasn't long before Dungey moved into second and started eating into Mike Alessi's lead. Dungey eventually caught Alessi, but just couldn't seem to put a move on the MotoConcepts rider, who responded to Dungey's pressure by dialing it up a notch. It continued on like this for a while as Dungey, who was clearly faster, was unable to make anything stick on Alessi.

Alessi took his first moto win since Hangtown, 2010
Carl Stone Photo

Then, Dungey slid out in a sweeper and crashed, giving up roughly ten seconds to Alessi. Dungey was able to erase the gap in two laps, but when he caught Alessi it was more of the same; Alessi hung tough and Dungey wasn't able to make anything happen. Alessi took the win, followed by Dungey and a very, very distant Weimer in third. Short, who was slowly catching Weimer, took fourth, followed by Justin Brayton. Veteran Mike Brown took eleventh, while local hero Josh Hill finished in twenty-eighth in his first full pro race in two years.

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