Velocity3 Racing Forms Supercross Team

July 20, 2012 10:25am

Ludlow, MA – Velocity3 Racing is excited to announce the formation of their new Supercross Race Team.  The team will be managed by longtime friends and colleagues Brian Berry (former Yamaha and Suzuki Factory Mechanic) and Kenny Germain (former Yamaha of Troy and Honda Factory Mechanic). Brian will be managing the daily business operations and Kenny will handle the technical/mechanical aspects of the team. “We have been trying for the last two years to gather the resources in order to get a team up and running, I Guess the third time is a charm” said Berry. The team will be racing both the 2013 and 2014 Supercross seasons with a focus on the 450 class and will likely be participating in 3 or 4 select events throughout the off season. “Both Brian (a.k.a  Muffin) and I want to have a good looking team from the outside which will make Velocity3 Racing an attractive team for sponsors,  but we are dedicated to building great bikes for our riders and this will continue to be our main focus.  We are looking forward to lots and lots of testing!” said Kenny G (Germain).  The team is funded by a private investor who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. The team is really just getting started and there will be more information released as soon as it becomes available. Velocity3 Racing is seeking to purchase a used Semi (race transporter). If you are aware of any race transporters currently available please contact them via the email addresses below.   Velocity3 is finalizing a few deals concerning future riders, mechanics and sponsors; however we are always open to looking at strong talent.  If you would like to submit a resume or proposal our emails are listed below.


Brian Berry / Team Manager



Kenny Germain / Technical Manager