Renegade Fuel For Loretta's

July 18, 2012 12:45pm
Renegade has been the fuel that champions rely on from the grassroots to the highest level of Motocross and Supercross Racing with the Pro AMA teams and riders. Renegade is widely used and know not only for the proven performance but also the stability in extreme hot racing conditions that other fuels fail in. Mark Ticen, Renegade Fuels Powersports Director, stated “Every rider that has made it to Loretta’s has made huge sacrifices to get there. Not only the rider but also the families as well. When everything is on the line for something that they have all worked so hard to achieve, we are offering each rider the chance to pre order the same Renegade fuel that the top teams and riders such as James Stewart’s Factory Suzuki, Geico’s  Barcia, Tomac, and Haun to just name a few, rely on each and every week. We also work very closely with many of the top amateur riders at the national level as well. The Rockstar Suzuki amateur riders of Jace Owens, Daniel Baker, Eric Goodson, and Michael Mosiman along with rider such as Cooper Webb and Jeremy Martin from Star Yamaha and Farren Racing depend on the same Renegade product used by the pros.”

To pre order your fuel for the Loretta Lynn National you can contact Renegade Fuels at or you can call Mark Ticen at 270-467-4215 and reserve your fuel for the national. All fuel must be pre ordered and will not be available for purchase during the event. For more information on the Renegade products you can visit