BTOSports Racer X  Podcast: Jason Frenette

BTOSports Racer X Podcast Jason Frenette

June 27, 2012 4:05pm

BTO Sports is your number one source for all of your motocross parts, gear, accessories and apparel. is a motocross company who is truly dedicated to the sport and to the customer. Proud sponsor of your Racer X Podcasts and the BTO Sports/BBMX Suzuki race team.

Jason Frenette was a long-time privateer on the scene in the mid to late 90s and this Canadian rider managed to earn three top 100 numbers and make a number of main events along the way. He also might be the funniest human being I've ever encountered as I traveled the country with him for a number of years. In this almost two-hour podcast, Jason and I recount our experiences driving across the country and how he and Shane Drew were responsible for me becoming a mechanic.

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