Mammoth Motocross MX Daily Report

June 23, 2012 12:45pm | by:

The Mammoth Motocross has officially kicked off as bikes took to the track on Friday for the first open practice. The notoriously rough circuit was living up to its reputation and by early afternoon the bumps were massive.

This weekend hosts the Vet classes and there are some familiar faces here ready to race. Doug Dubach, Jeff Ward, Troy Lee and Shaun Palmer were all out today prepping for the 40 and 50 pro divisions. Wardy actually had his 51st birthday today so Happy Birthday to Jeff!

In the competitive 30 pro class Ryan Hughes is back once again. He'll have Mike Sleeter, Cary Hart, Jeff Northrop and a gate full of fast thirty-somethings on the track with him.

The first practice leaves the gate at 7am tomorrow morning so check back tomorrow for the results from day one.

There was also some serious mountain biking going on up higher on the hill. Many families who are racing next week have come up early and the trails were packed with moto groms pedaling around. The mountain bike park has grown tremendously over the years and the trail system is amazing right now. I got out early with Daron Rahlves, Mike Sleeter and local skier Chris Bentchettler for some fun this morning. Check back for a video from that later on.

If you aren't in Mammoth you are missing out!  Stay tuned all weekend for updates from the mountain.