The Vault: History  from Budds Creek

The Vault: History from Budds Creek

June 14, 2012 3:00pm

Have you checked out, our online database to every single pro AMA Motocross National and Supercross race ever? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on some quality bench-racing ammo. That's right, The Vault contains the results to every MX National and Supercross race ever. From obscure local pros who raced one national ever, to a rundown of every race Ricky Carmichael ever competed in, to a list of every venue that ever hosted a Supercross or National, the Vault has it all. You’re going to’ get lost in there!

This week, we’re opening The Vault to highlight the history of this weekend’s host site for Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, Budds Creek Motocross Park in Mechanicsville, MD.

Held on Father’s Day weekend, The Red Bull Budds Creek National takes place just forty-five minutes from our nation’s capital. The venue, which is nestled in a valley, features a track with everything you could want in a world-class motocross venue, including big jumps, big hills, off-camber turns, and more. The facility is so good that it was chosen to host the annual Motocross of Nations in 2007.

Emig celebrates his 1992 125 title after his win at Budds Creek.
John Valdez photo

Budds Creek hosted its first national in 1989. Mike Kiedrowski topped Guy Cooper and Ronnie Tichenor in the 125 ranks, and it was none other than the Flying Freckle, Jeff Ward, who went 1-1 on a 500 to win the inaugural Budds Creek National ahead of Jeff Stanton and Jean Michel Bayle.

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Back in 1992, Budds Creek was the final stop of the year, and the 125 title came down to the wire between Jeff Emig and Mike LaRocco. Emig blazed his way through the rain to take the win and the title, while LaRocco tangled with a tire that served as a course marker, bending his shifter and ending his hopes.

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In 1995 and 1996, teammates Jeremy McGrath and Steve Lamson rode to victory, giving Honda back-to-back brand sweeps. The ’95 race also hosted Doug Henry’s infamous leap down what is now called Henry Hill.

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Budds Creek does not have a history of producing first-time winners. In 1997 Ezra Lusk became the only person to get their first big-bike win at Budds Creek, while Tallon Vohland (1999) and Dean Wilson (2010) are the only two guys to have done it on small bikes.

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One of these riders is Jake Weimer, who would win the mudfest at Budds in 2009.
Simon Cudby photo

Riders who have a history of doing well at Budds Creek on small bikes are not guaranteed to do well once they make the jump to the premier class. In fact, only two riders have every been able to get wins in both classes: James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael

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Veteran Mike Brown took the final win of his professional motocross career at Budds Creek in 2005 by going 1-3 aboard a Honda CRF250R, ahead of Ivan Tedesco and Josh Grant.

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While Budds marked the last win of Brown’s impressive motocross career, it also hosted a breakthrough by a young rider in 2006, when Ryan Villopoto came from behind in both motos to notch the overall—he even took out long-time rival Mike Alessi along the way.

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Mike Brown en route to his last professional motocross win at Budds Creek in 2005.
Simon Cudby photo

In a wet and wild race in 2009 that saw the second 250 moto get shortened due to flooding caused by excessive amounts of rain (Jake Weimer won the 250 overall in that race), Chad Reed battled the elements to go 2-1 and take the win in the 450s. He also clinched the 450 National Championship that day!

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There are countless more interesting facts and memories to be found in the Racer X Vault. Delve into the archives yourself, and share your findings in the comments section below.