How to Watch: High Point

How to Watch High Point

June 8, 2012 1:40pm
TV Schedule

450/250 Moto 1
Saturday June 9 1:00PM EST - FUEL TV

Saturday June 9 1:00PM EST -

450 Moto 2
Saturday June 9 5:00PM EST - NBC Sports Network

250 Moto 2
Saturday June 9 6:00PM EST - NBC Sports Network

The 2nd set of motos will air back-to-back on NBC Sports Network starting at 5pm ET. The 450 race will be shown LIVE at 5pm ET, with the 2nd 250 moto to air immediately after. (NOTE: 250 Moto 2 will take place at 4pm ET before the 450 race, but won’t air until 6pm.)

Repeat Broadcast
Friday June 15 3:00PM EST - NBC Sports Network

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Points Standings

450 Points Standings
Ryan Dungey 136pts. KTM
Jake Weimer 101pts. Kaw
James Stewart
100pts. Suz
Mike Alessi 100pts. Suz
Andrew Short 97pts. Hon
Brett Metcalfe 84pts. Suz
Josh Grant 73pts. Kaw
Nico Izzi 71pts. Yam
Broc Tickle 63pts. Kaw
Kyle Chisholm 50pts. Kaw
Justin Brayton 46pts. Hon
Michael Byrne 41pts. Suz
Tommy Hahn 39pts. Hon
Matt Lemoine 39pts. Kaw
Ryan Sipes 38pts. Yam
Robby Kiniry 31pts. Yam
Davi Millsaps 29pts. Yam
Derek Anderson 24pts. Kaw
Jimmy Albertson 23pts. Suz
Billy Laninovich 23pts. Hon

250 Points Standings
Blake Baggett 139pts. Kaw
Justin Barcia 123pts. Hon
Ken Roczen 120pts. KTM
Eli Tomac 117pts. Hon
Marvin Musquin 84pts. KTM
Blake Wharton 82pts. Suz
Wil Hahn 71pts. Hon
Kyle Cunningham 65pts. Yam
Jake Canada 62pts. Hon
Ivan Tedesco 61pts. Kaw
Jason Anderson 54pts. Suz
Jessy Nelson 48pts. Hon
Travis Baker 43pts. Hon
Gareth Swanepoel 42pts. Yam

Martin Davalos 40pts. Suz
Malcolm Stewart 38pts. KTM
Kyle Peters 27pts. Yam
Hunter Hewitt 25pts. Suz
Alex Martin 22pts. Hon
Zack Freeberg 17pts. KTM

WMX Points Standings
Jessica Patterson 141pts. Suz
Ashley Fiolek 125pts. Hon
Tarah Gieger 114pts. Hon
Sayaka Kaneshiro 99pts. Hon
Mariana Balbi 88pts. Hon
Jacqueline Strong 82pts. KTM
Meghan Rutledge 78pts. Kaw
Sara Pettersson 76pts. KTM
Kasie Creson 75pts. Hon
Sade Allender 52pts. Hon

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High Point Animated Track Map - Dynamic Cam

High Point Animated Track Map - Helmet Cam


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