BTOSports Thunder Valley Recap

June 4, 2012 9:50am

Lakewood, CO – With round three of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship visiting the Rocky Mtn state of Colorado, the BTOsports Motocross/BBMX race team had a strong race on the overly technical Thunder Valley MX track. All three BTOsports team riders came prepared to do battle here in Colorado.

First practice saw the BTOsports/BBMX bikes struggling with the altitude of the Thunder Valley track, but JGR was on it and had the bikes dialed for practice two. Michael Byrne felt good in practice, and kept that momentum into moto one. He would ride very strong and finish up in the 12th position. Moto two he would find himself in 15th after the first lap. He would then set up a charge through the field all the way up to 7th place, finally showing the speed he is capable of after coming off his injury. At the end of the day Byrne would score an 8th overall.

Jimmy Albertson would start the first moto mid pack, but charging hard. He was charging through the field fast until a piece of metal debris on the track sliced through his tire so deep it gouged the inside of the rim. This would unfortunately end “Top” Jimmy's moto one run with a flat rear tire. Moto two Jimmy would dig deep as a poor start from his last gate pick would bury him deep in the pack. He would take a while to get going, but once the rocket boosters hit, he would find a comfortable pace late in the moto moving up to the 17th spot narrowly missing two more spots at the finish line. Look for “Top” Jimmy to be in the top ten with teammate Byrne this coming weekend at Mt. Morris.

Jason Thomas would have a rough practice session, as a bag get off on the second lap of the second practice would sideline him for the day. JT would get tangled up in another rider swapping out, taking JT's front wheel out on the high speed sweeper. He would get up, but hurting all over from the impact. Not being able to ride at 100%, he was not able to make it in to the motos for the day. Look for JT to recover and be back in the mix at Mt. Morris this weekend.

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