Swizcorner: Freestone

May 28, 2012 12:45pm

It’s not like James Stewart needs a handicap to excel but Freestone did him a favor this year.

Usually round two of the Nationals and Supercross for that matter, is a better gauge as to who’s who and where they rank in the pecking order. Freestone this year may have delayed that 2nd round reality check due to a factor out of anyone’s control. In my opinion, we still need a few more races as evidence before we will know the reality of James Stewart’s capacity in his first outdoor series since a his dominating 2008 campaign.

The race which all riders have grown to fear due to the intense, mind-melting heat was a literal breath of fresh air which when compared to the standard Freestone hell-hole of recent memory. We’ve seen riders ruin the rest of their season in Freestone, we’ve come to expect droves of riders receiving IV’s to battle the sapping effects of the heat we’ve even seen a rider forfeit the overall due to heat-confusion. This race separates the men from the boys, the “prepared” from the “oh shit, I thought I was prepared” and the winner builds justifiably domineering confidence.

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