Launches Mobile Site

May 11, 2012 9:45am

As grows to over 40,000 members, we’ve been swamped with requests to make our moto-platform mobile friendly. And we get it. Everyone at the tracks is connected and we want to connect too!

So with that in mind, the realMotocross crew went into the realm of the nerds and created what we believe is the best mobile site for motocross fans and riders. First off, we support iPhone, Android and Blackberry handsets, and if you don’t have a smartphone yet, this is a great reason to get one.

What can you do on the realMotocross mobile site? Just about everything you can do on the regular site, we just made it fast and easy to use on that small smartphone screen with large icons and easy sign-in screen. Update your friends with your lap times, bike photos and bench racing talk. Post up videos of you riding while you’re taking a break, enter our popular contests and win cool moto-prizes, it’s endless.

We’ve seen a huge response since outing up the new mobile site and we couldn’t be happier. Our goal is to unite the riding community on many ways and this is just the next step for all of us. Connect with and see what over 40,000 riders, racers and motocross fans keep coming back for.