Renegade Wraps Up Supercross Season

May 10, 2012 2:00pm
Renegade Racing Fuels would end the Supercross season with some outstanding results. Renegade also continues to dominate the lites class, where every team and rider looks for the best performing product. The Renegade SX4plus fuel is just that, the most consistent, stable, clean burning, and performance fuel on the market for today’s motocross and supercross application. Mark Ticen, Renegade Racing Fuels Director of the Powersports Div, stated “ when we launched this product to the public, which was original only available to some big name teams, we were sure  once racers started using the product, things would really take off. We have not committed to any fancy marketing plans or ad campaigns to build this product up. We have simply relied on the proven performance of the Renegade product and our internal team at Renegade to service our customers. “  It looks like Renegade has done just that as they have secured the Lites East title with Justin Barcia, the Lites West title with Eli Tomac, and in the East – West Shootout they filled all three podium positions in the Lites class. Not only did they finish in the top three positions in the east-west shootout, they had 8 of the top ten riders and 14 of the 20 riders in the main event.


Renegade will now focus their efforts on the Outdoor season, where the product will really shine. The outdoor season will allow the riders to utilize all the potential power the fuel can produce. Renegade will also have another big hitter in the 450 class with the addition of James Stewart to the lineup of riders that rely on the Renegade products as he looks to put his Suzuki up front.

Renegade would see the following result at Sam Boyd Stadium - Las Vegas, NV

Dave Coombs Sr. East-West Shootout Overall

1. Justin Barcia Hon/Renegade Racing Fuel

2. Eli Tomac Hon/Renegade Racing Fuel

3. Martin Davalos Suz/Renegade Racing Fuel

4. Ken Roczen KTM

5. Marvin Musquin KTM

6. Wil Hahn Hon/Renegade Racing Fuel

7. Ryan Sipes Yam/Renegade Racing Fuel

8. Malcolm Stewart KTM/Renegade Racing Fuel

9. Blake Wharton Suz/Renegade Racing Fuel

10. Matt Moss KTM/Renegade Racing Fuel

11. Dean Wilson Kaw

12. Blake Baggett Kaw

13. Justin Bogle Hon/Renegade Racing Fuel

14. Kyle Cunningham Yam/Renegade Racing Fuel

15. Matt Lemoine Kaw/Renegade Racing Fuel

16. Billy Laninovich Hon

17. Jake Canada Hon

18. Hunter Hewitt Suz/Renegade Racing Fuel

19. Jason Anderson Suz/Renegade Racing Fuel

20. Scott Champion Hon/Renegade Racing Fuel


Supercross Overall

1. Ryan Dungey KTM

2. Davi Millsaps Yam

3. Justin Brayton Hon

4. Jake Weimer Kaw

5. Josh Grant Kaw

6. Nico Izzi Yam/Renegade Racing Fuel

7. Mike Alessi Suz

8. Weston Peick Yam/Renegade Racing Fuel

9. Andrew Short Hon

10. Nick Wey Kaw

11. Broc Tickle Kaw

12. Justin Sipes Kaw

13. Chris Blose Kaw

14. Gavin Faith Yam

15. Tyler Bowers Kaw

16. Jason Thomas Suz

17. Ryan Clark Kaw

18. Brett Metcalfe Suz/Renegade Racing Fuel

19. Matt Goerke Suz

20. Kyle Regal Kaw


For more information on the Renegade product you can view their web page at and you can click on the twitter link posted on the home page of the website. Renegade is always looking for new dealers and all powersport inquiries can be sent to

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