Insight: Inside the  Numbers from SX 2012

Insight Inside the Numbers from SX 2012

May 8, 2012 10:15am
The 2012 Monster Energy Supercross season is now in the books, which means we can finally start having a look at a some of the more interesting stats from the season. We’ve some stats going below, and while some of them aren’t surprising at all, such as the fastest lap of the season coming from Chad Reed in San Diego, some of them came as quite a surprise, like Justin Barcia’s stunning 1.6 average finishing position. Take a look at the numbers we’ve gathered from 2012 so far - which ones did you see coming? Which ones came as the biggest surprise to you?


Single Fastest Lap Turned in 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross
SX:                        45.610 - Chad Reed in San Diego, Lap 5 of the main event


Fastest Heat Race Lap

SX:                        46.158 - Ryan Villopoto in San Diego, lap 2

Lites West:            47.330 - Eli Tomac in Salt Lake City, lap 5

Lites East:             46.833 - Malcolm Stewart in Toronto, lap 6


Fastest Qualifying Time

SX:                        46.145 - Kevin Windham in Houston

Lites West:            46.450 - Eli Tomac in San Diego

Lites East:             46.944 - Blake Baggett in Houston

The fastest lap of the season belonged to Chad Reed.
Simon Cudby photo


Longest Main Event Lap

SX:                        3:01.694 - Weston Peick in Daytona, lap 8

Lites West:            4:06.728 - Billy Laninovich in Las Vegas, lap 2

Lites East:             2:39.419 - Jeff Gibson in Daytona, lap 5

Honorable Mention: 16:22.997 - Ken Roczen in Indianapolis. The race clock was left ticking while AMA officials organized the staggered restart.


Longest Main Event Lap Recorded by the Race Winner

SX:                        1:45.516 - James Stewart in Daytona, final lap

Lites West:            1:06.351 - Eli Tomac in Las Vegas, final lap

Lites East:             1:31.768 - Justin Barcia in Daytona, lap 4


Most Main Event Laps Led

SX:                        Ryan Villopoto - 161

Lites West:            Eli Tomac - 60

Lites East:             Justin Barcia - 98


Most Main Event Holeshots

SX:                       Davi Millsaps - 4

Lites West:           Tie - Eli Tomac/Martin Davalos/Vince Friese - 2 each

Lites East:             Justin Barcia - 6

The muddy conditions of Daytona lead to the longest lap recorded by a race winner in 2012, Justin Barcia.
Simon Cudby photo


Most Main Events Won

SX:                        Ryan Villopoto - 9

Lites West:            Eli Tomac - 5

Lites East:             Justin Barcia - 7


Most Heat Races Won

SX:                       Ryan Villopoto - 10

Lites West:           Dean Wilson - 6

Lites East:             Justin Barcia - 8

As expected, RV claimed a number of top honors in 2012.
Simon Cudby photo


Most LCQs Won

SX:                       Bobby Kiniry - 3

Lites:                    Tie - Jason Anderson/Scott Champion - 2 each


Best Average Finish

SX:                        Ryan Dungey - 2.5

Lites West:            Eli Tomac - 3.7

Lites East:             Justin Barcia - 1.6