Inside the BTO Sports Amateur World

May 1, 2012 2:45pm

We’re proud to announce our latest addition to the BTO family, welcome privateer-pro Rashidi Kerrison. Rashidi has teamed up with BTO Sports to race the outdoor nationals this year. For those of you who don’t know Rashidi, he’s a 26 yr old New York Native training down in GA. Rashidi has a great personality and is one of the few Jamaicans to throw a leg over a bike and ride at his level. Unfortunately he’s been out of the scene for the past couple years due to injuries, however he’s healed up feeling better than ever. He trains hard and follows a strict diet.

BTO President/CEO Vince Arimitsu noted that “The support programs were full for the year, however I got a call from Forrest (BTO/BBMX/Suzuki Team Manager) asking if we had any available spots for 2012. We had a meeting in Seattle to work out a budget in regards to adding another rider. Ultimately, we agreed to go for it. I’m glad we decided to lend the support because Rashidi is extremely respectful, passionate, and hard working. He really deserves it.”

This season will be the anticipated debut for Rashidi’s outdoor national career. He plans on racing all 12 outdoors. Good luck and welcome to the team Rashidi!

Furthermore, BTO has continued to enjoy success throughout the amateur circuit. “We’re very impressed how well the team has turned out this year, we really couldn’t have asked for more.” Mentioned BTO President/CEO Vince Arimitsu. Last month several riders took home trophies and overall wins at the NMA World Mini. Tyler Enticknap, Cody Eaton and Axell Hodges are proving to be strong assets here on the West Coast.

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