Swizcorner: Seattle

April 23, 2012 1:55pm

By a show of hands I'd like to know how many of you expected Ryan Villopoto's win streak to be ended by Andrew Short?

A few weeks back I asked on Twitter for opinions on who, if anyone, could end the proposed streak. While one or two of you did answer with "RV himself", which incidentally did happen, the record books will show otherwise.

Lites Class

It’s been a long time since San Diego, the race where all of that apparent Eli Tomac impenetrable dominance suddenly hit a brick wall. Actually, a manly set of whoops. In a split second the title which appeared to be a foregone conclusion was back on like Donkey Kong. Dean Wilson made up 24 points to take the advantage by 2 and with Eli nursing a jacked up elbow from the crash, the two riders had essentially traded moods and mindsets on lap 7, which would last 8 weeks. 8 grueling weeks of what if’s and recuperation for Tomac and 8 weeks of boats n’hoes for Dean. You know what I mean.

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