Stewart/JGR Rumor Update

April 17, 2012 10:20am | by:

Rumors are flying that James Stewart and the JGR/Toyota Yamaha team are headed toward a split, so we called Team Manager Jeremy Albrecht this morning to set the record straight. J-Bone explained that Stewart and the team are still together, and talked as recently as last night to discuss their plans as James recovers from a hand injury.

"We wanted James to try racing in Houston because at that point he still had a shot at second or third in the points," said J Bone. "But then he crashed there. Now the chances of him finishing second are pretty remote, so we want him to heal up. But addressing the rumors, he's still on the team, and we're still together."

J-Bone said Stewart will at least miss the next two races with the injury, so they're letting Honda privateer Gavin Faith try their bike today to see if he wants to race for the team. JGR doesn't have to have a replacement rider, but if Faith can adjust to the bike quickly and wants to race it, he has the option to race for the team in Seattle and Salt Lake City. Stewart could be back for Vegas, but if he's still hurting, Faith could continue riding for the team at that race.

So that's the news for now -- there is no news. Stewart is still a member of the JGR/Toyota Yamaha team.