Injury Report: New Orleans

Injury Report New Orleans

April 13, 2012 1:30pm

Kevin Windham - Acute AC Shoulder Separation and Fractured Wrist
Comment: The injuries Windham sustained in Houston will cause him to miss the remainder of the supercross season.

Ivan Tedesco - Broken Finger
Comment: After getting landed on in L.A. and missing much of the season, Tedesco is scheduled to return to racing in New Orleans.

Andrew Short - First Degree Separation of AC Joint
Comment: Short was injured after going down and getting run over on the start of the San Diego supercross. Short participated in practice in Dallas, but the pain was too great to race. After undergoing therapy, Short has begun riding again and will make his return to racing this Saturday night in New Orleans.

Cole Thompson - Concussion
Comment: Thompson knocked himself out in Toronto after crashing hard in practice. Thompson plans to return to racing in New Orleans.

Short will race this weekend after being sidelined since San Diego.
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Chris Blose - Injured Shoulder
Comment: Blose suffered an avulsion fracture, severe bone contusion and a slight labral tear in L.A.. Blose will return to racing supercross in Seattle, and is currently looking for an outdoor ride.

Nick Wey – Hematoma
Comment: A big crash in Indianapolis left Nick Wey with a hematoma and three tears in his adductor and low abdominal muscles. After taking Houston off, Wey plans to return to racing in New Orleans.

Josh Hill - Broken Elbow
Comment: Josh Hill was scheduled to return to racing in Houston, but a broken radial head in his elbow changed his plans. Hill is not expected to enter any races before the end of the season.

James Stewart - Hand
Comment: Stewart crashed in his heat race in Indianapolis and incurred a broken bone in his hand. Stewart crashed again in Houston, further aggravating his hand. Stewart will not be racing this weekend in New Orleans.

PJ Larsen - Foot and Knee Injury
Comment: In Toronto, Larsen went down hard during practice in a rhythm section, sustaining injuries to his knee and foot. Larsen will not be racing in New Orleans.

Josh Hansen - Hurt Ankle and Knee
Comment: Hansen has been riding with a hurt ankle and twisted knee, and according to a press release from Dodge Motorsports/Hart and Huntington, Hansen was not scheduled to race in Houston. Hansen ended up attempting to race, only to pull out when the pain proved to be too much. It is unlikely that Hansen will be racing this weekend.

Stewart will miss New Orleans with an injured hand.
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Kyle Cunningham – Cracked Wrist
Comment: Cunningham is still suffering from a small fracture in his wrist incurred at the Eastern Regional Supercross Lites opener in Dallas, but will be racing in New Orleans.

Ryan Dungey - Broken Collarbone
Comment: Dungey underwent surgery to repair the damage sustained in a crash prior to St. Louis. Dungey was scheduled to be back on the bike this week, and depending things go, will make a decision on whether or not he will return to supercross before the season ends.

Kyle Partridge - Cut Foot, Broken Toe and Broken C3 and C4 Vertebrae
Comment: Partridge had a run-in with the over/under bridge during practice in St. Louis, which resulted in several injuries. Partridge, who has full movement of his limbs, underwent surgery to stabilize his neck. Partridge is not expected to return before the season ends.

Ben LaMay - Concussion and Fractured Right Hand
Comment: LaMay crashed hard in his heat race in St. Louis, prompting a red flag. LaMay is scheduled to race in New Orleans.

Jimmy Decotis - Torn ACL
Comment: Just when it seemed that Jimmy D would be able to return to racing after suffering multiple fractures in his feet, he crashed while practicing and tore his ACL. The injury effectively takes Decotis out of action for the rest of the season.

Chad Reed - Broken Tibia and Fibula, Broken Ribs, Broken T6 Vertebrae and a Torn ACL
Comment: The injuries that Reed sustained in Dallas have forced him to withdraw from the remainder of the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series.

Austin Stroupe - Cracked Collarbone
Comment: Stroupe had a big crash in Dallas, and was forced to undergo surgery for an injured collarbone. Stroupe is recovering in Northern California, and will not be lining up on Saturday night.

Gannon Audette - Broken Wrist
Comment: Audette broke his wrist during practice in Dallas, and will be out for the rest of the season. Audette has resumed riding, and plans on being ready for the outdoors.

Windham will miss the rest of the season after a terrible crash in Houston.
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Justin Starling - Torn ACL
Comment: Starling was the replacement for Gannon Audette, but now he will be out for the rest of the supercross season with a torn ACL.

Tyla Rattray
Comment: Rattray suffered a concussion and a fractured C-7 vertebrae in his heat race in Oakland. Rattray’s bone has not yet healed, and so far he has been unable to get back on the bike. At this point, it is unlikely that he will compete in any of the remaining supercross races.

Ryan Morais - Broken Jaw, Several Fractured Vertebrae, Collapsed Lung, Concussion and Broken Ribs
Comment: Morais recently had all of the metal removed from his mouth, but is still unsure when he will be able to get back on the bike. Those wishing to donate to Morais’ recovery fund can click here: Donations can also be made through Road 2 Recovery.

Trey Canard - Injured Back
Comment: After a terrible crash in Los Angeles, Canard was released from the hospital on January 29 and was able to return home. Canard hopes to begin therapy in the next few weeks, and plans on making his return to racing in 2013.

Chris Johnson - Broken Scaphoid and Dislocated Wrist
Comment: Johnson hopes to be riding by the end of April, and is planning on being ready for the outdoor season.

Don Parsons - Broken Leg
Comment: Parsons is planning on being ready for the start of the outdoor season.

Tommy Hahn - Broken Fibula
Comment: Hahn is back on the bike and hopes to return to racing in Seattle.

Michael Byrne - Broken nose and C-6 in Neck
Comment: After spending several weeks in a neck brace, Byrne’s recovery is going well. Byrne is now back riding and preparing for his return.

Christian Craig - Wrist Problems
Comment: Craig will be sitting out most of the remaining Western Regional SX Lites rounds. Due to a broken wrist suffered at Southwick, Craig has not been at 100 percent, and underwent surgery to fix the problem.

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