Payton, Tedesco, Cox, Stallo on DMXS Radio Tonight

April 11, 2012 1:40pm
Pro Circuit’s Mitch Payton is synonymous with motocross.  His efforts over the many years has helped elevate our sport and pushed the competition to a new level as the bar is set higher every year. We have plenty to discuss tonight with the supercross season nearing an end and the outdoors quickly approaching.

H&H’s Ivan Tedesco is recovering from surgery after a nasty finger injury from earlier in the season.  We’ve been covering IT9 his entire pro career and have a soft spot for the popular New Mexico native. It’s always a pleasure, and we look forward to catching up tonight.

Steve Cox has been covering the sport for many years and we will get his take on the supercross season and current events making headlines around our little piece of the world.

Vurb Moto’s Brent Stallo will be joining us in the studio tonight for an update on their huge plans for the summer.

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