Racer X Facebook Page Hits 500,000 “Likes”

March 29, 2012 10:00pm

Filter Publications is excited to announce that the Facebook fan page for Racer X Illustrated has surpassed 500,000 “likes.”

This is just the latest milestone for a publication with a consistently forward-looking internet presence. Racer X Online launched in 1998 (or 1997, depending on who’s telling the story) and has grown into a vibrant community and news source for moto fans worldwide.

Liking a Facebook page, of course, is more than just a show of support or loyalty—it also brings regular updates to your news feed, adding content links, special offers, killer photos and video, and breaking news to your personal media stream.

“It’s awesome to pass the half-million mark,” said Filter Publications President Bryan Stealey. “We work hard to make our page something that motocross fans across the world truly like, and it’s nice to see the numbers support the effort.”

Racer X Illustrated’s official Facebook fan page can be found (and “liked”) at www.facebook.com/racerxonline.