Racer X Outstanding  Performance: Kevin Windham

Racer X Outstanding Performance: Kevin Windham

March 25, 2012 9:40pm
“As late as Wednesday or Thursday I was thinking there was no way I could ride a motorcycle,” said Kevin Windham. "I could barely walk!"

Instead, he rode it well and then walked right on up to the podium [his second of the year after Daytona. Ignore the earlier edition of this story where we said Toronto was his first podium. We're dumb sometimes].

Windham was feeling the effects of a big crash during last week’s Indianapolis main event, one that knocked him out of that race. Then came a hard week of therapy to try to soothe his aching back—and hey, let us not forget that at age 34, Windham’s back probably isn’t going to loosen up in the same manner that an 18-year-old would.

The therapy worked and Windham made the trip to Toronto—albeit like many, that trip was delayed through a series of flight cancellations. But K-Dub, despite the injury, still knew opportunity was knocking. The GEICO Honda veteran has been riding better and better over the last few weeks, and the chance to get on the box loomed.

In the main, he earned that podium by running down the recently-surging Davi Millsaps, and then caught Jake Weimer when Weimer got hung by some lapped traffic. Windham took advantage, made the move, and the podium was his.

Just about as popular in Toronto as he is in New Orleans!
Lissimore photo

An added bonus? The typical fan appreciation for Windham traveled north of the border. When he came out in opening ceremonies, when he made passes, and when he went to the podium, the Canadian fans went nuts.  “I want to put it into words, but I can’t,” he said. “That is huge to me. Those guys, the crowd, they make it for me. I really appreciate it and I really want everyone to know that.”

We at Racer X appreciate his effort, and that’s why Windham takes this week’s Racer X Outstanding Performance Award. Congrats, Kevin!