Toronto Results and Spoiler Race Report

March 24, 2012 10:20pm | by:

It's all over from the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario Canada, and the riders most would have expected to win have done just that.

In the Lites class, Justin Barcia grabbed the early lead by received a challenge from Ken Roczen, and K-Roc took the lead. Barcia regrouped to make the pass back, get the spot, and pull away from there. Roczen held strong for second while Blake Wharton battled his way up to third, a solid follow up to his win last week.

In the SX class, Justin Brayton grabbed the holeshot, but Ryan Villopoto was not far back and rolled up on him for a challenge. RV made the move and tried to check out, but made a bobble and allowed Brayton to close back up. From there, Villopoto buckled down and pulled away to yet another win. Brayton took second. Perhaps the best battle was for third. Davi Millsaps had the spot early but yielded to Jake Weimer. But the man on the move was Kevin Windham, who picked off Millsaps for fourth and then went after Weimer. He eventually got there, making the pass for his first podium of the year. Weimer later went off the track, allowing Millsaps to steal fourth place.

With Barcia and Villopoto winning, it's back to normal in Monster Energy Supercross. Look for a full race report and photos later tonight.


ROUND 12 OF 17 - MARCH 24, 2012

AMA Supercross

1 Ryan Villopoto
2 Justin Brayton
3 Kevin Windham
4 David Millsaps
5. Jake Weimer
6 Marvin Musquin
7 Kyle Chisholm
8 Broc Tickle
9 Robert Kiniry
10 Wil Hahn
11 Justin Sipes
12 Joshua Grant
13 Mike Alessi
14 Matthew Goerke
15 Jimmy Albertson
16 Jeff Alessi
17 Kyle Regal
18 Brett Metcalfe
19 Nico Izzi
20 Gavin Faith

Supercross Lites

1. Justin Barcia
2. Ken Roczen
3. Blake Wharton
4. Jake Canada
5. Darryn Durham
6. Alex Martin
7. Tommy Weeck
8. Justin Bogle
9. Matt Lemoine
10. Jeff Gibson
11. AK Catanzaro
12. Shane Sewell
13. Malcolm Stewart
14. Tyler Bowers
15. Blake Baggett
16. Dakota Tedder
17. Lance Vincent
18. Kyle Peters
19. Shawn Rife
20. Phil Nicoletti