Racer X's Aaron Hansel's new gig: He's a first-time dad!

March 23, 2012 3:35pm

Chico, Calif., Racer X Illustrated Editor-At-Large Aaron Hansel is pleased to announce his new gig as WMX talent scout, effective immediately. The position is not something that he was actively seeking out, but Hansel knows a superstar when he sees one, and when he and his wife, Jadi, welcomed Chloe Reine Hansel into the world just two-and-a-half short hours after St. Patrick’s Day, he sprung into action and immediately signed her to an 18-year contract, with option for extension.

What initially caught Hansel’s eye was the fact that when Chloe emerged into the world, she was already whipping an imaginary throttle, practicing her kick starts, and loudly screaming, “Brrraaaaaappppp!,” repeatedly. Chloe, already thinking about sponsors, has chosen milk as her podium beverage of choice, and at the rate she’s currently gulping it down, she’ll make an excellent spokesperson someday for Muscle Milk. Such dedication and foresight so early in life is rare, and Hansel feels that little Chloe has what it takes to go far as a professional motocross racer.

Hansel is not accepting any additional resumes at this time, as he feels that he’s already discovered the next big star of the WMX, and believes he will have his hands full for the foreseeable future as he focuses on developing that talent. Hansel is looking forward to guiding Chloe down the path to motocross stardom, but happily says that if little Chloe doesn’t care about motorcycles and would rather spend her days playing with pink Barbie Dolls, well, that’s fine too.

Chloe Reine Hansel: Born March 18, at 2:47 a.m. 6 pounds, 12 ounces, 20 inches.