Jeff Ward Racing Round 11 SX Report

March 18, 2012 12:35pm

Indianapolis Round 11 Race Report

The DNA Energy Drink / Jeff Ward Racing team rolled into Indianapolis for round
11 at Lucas Oil Stadium Saturday night with the return of Josh Grant who had
been out for the last seven rounds with a shoulder injury sustained during round
3 at Dodger Stadium in January. In his return, Grant put together a steady run in
his first SX Main back from injury finishing 11th giving the team its best finish for
the evening.

Kyle Chisholm, who has been a consistent mainstay for the DNA Energy Drink /
Jeff Ward Racing team, saw his night come to an unfortunate end early after
going down on lap 4 in the SX Main while battling in the top-10. Chisholm, got out
of his normal rhythm while running down Marvin Musquin and another rider, and
cased a jump, which tossed him into a berm. He wasn’t able to finish the race
leaving him in the 20th position due to sustaining a swollen wrist, sore shoulder
and ribs but expects to be ready to go again next weekend in Toronto.

Leading up to the SX Main, Chisholm finished his SX Group A first qualifying
practice 14th fastest with a lap time of 55.525. Grant, who was in SX Group B
finished his first qualifying practice fifth fastest with a lap time of 56.528. Both
riders went on to pick up time and speed in their final qualifying practices.
Chisholm rode to his best qualifying effort of the season in his final session
finishing fifth quickest with a lap time of 52.679 while Grant finished his final
qualifying session second quickest with a lap time of 53.572.

Those times put Chisholm fifth fastest overall in SX Heat 2 with the third gate
pick and Grant 13th fastest overall in Heat 2 as well with the seventh gate pick.
Both riders put together a solid Heat race with Chisholm finishing fifth and Grant
finishing ninth to solidify two entries in the SX Main for the DNA Energy Drink /
Jeff Ward Racing team.

Chisholm’s 20th place finish in the SX Main drops him one spot to 12th in series
points with 92, thirty-six points outside of the top-10. With Grant’s return from
injury and his 11th place finish, he sits 25th in series points. Up next for the DNA
Energy Drink / Jeff Ward Racing team is Toronto for round 12 on Saturday,
March 24th.