Vid: Building RV's SX Track

March 9, 2012 6:10pm

Ever wondered what goes into building a supercross track?! Rather than just showing the normal finished pictures of tracks, Dream Traxx's Jason Baker wanted to show the work in progress. So, Dream Traxx teamed up with Jesse Adair to create a video of one of their latest creations - The Building of Ryan Villopoto's Supercross track. A finished supercross track can take on the role of a piece of art, at least according to Jason, owner of the track building company Dream Traxx. The guys at Dream Traxx are known for creating finished works of art. With the tracks looking like they were molded out of modeling clay, they quite often do not look real. As Jason has stated before, the track is like his canvas, the equipment his paintbrushes, and the dirt is his paint. Enjoy!

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