Mad Skills Tourney Round 5 Midweek Update

March 8, 2012 3:20pm | by:

Round 5 of the Mad Skills Motocross (iOS) Tournament has been underway since Saturday, and as usual, the top times are absolutely ridiculous. The current leader is ktmracer724, with a scorching time of 38.89. He's the only player in the world to have broken the 39-second mark so far. Can he hold on until the round closes on Saturday at 3 p.m. EST? If he does, he'll be our fifth winner in five rounds. Only time will tell.

You can always see the current top 15 times, in real-time, on our online leaderboard.

There are already well over 14,000 playing this round, so it could be a record-setting week in the Tournament. The highest number of active players in a week so far came in Round 3, when 14,701 players raced worldwide. There have already been 4,591,120 attempts on this week's track, and players are averaging the exact same number of total attempts as they did last week, with 327. That's consistent obsession! Sixty-seven percent of the people who have played this week have managed to pick up a gold medal so far.

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