250 Words: St. Louis

250 Words St. Louis

March 5, 2012 11:25am
When Blake Baggett is on, his speed is almost unexplainable. His “El Chupacabra” performances outdoors last year saw him delivering come-from-behind efforts that defied logic. But some days, that magical speed just wasn’t there, and Blake really didn’t have an explanation as to why.

Blake is capable in supercross, too, with three career Lites wins. But after a tough race in St. Louis, where he finished a lowly ninth, it’s clear he hasn’t found the mojo yet in 2012. And once again, he’s not sure why. After the race, I found him sitting on a cooler, just having completed a discussion with Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki owner Mitch Payton.

Racer X: How’d it go? Good?
Blake Baggett: Yeah… No. Not even close.

Any ideas?
I need to do something.

Are you good? Like are you healthy? Is there an issue?
Nah, I’m healthy.

Inconsistency has marred Baggett’s 2012 campaign thus far.
Photo: Carl Stone

So you can’t really find any excuses, unfortunately?
Nah, I just sucked. I just got ruined by people I shouldn’t get beat by.

It’s weird because you got sixth in practice. That’s better than last week, actually, when you got ninth and told me that’s pretty good for you in practice.
Better than a lot of weeks.

Was just the main bad, or all day was it just bad? Were you just not feeling it?
It started out decent, a lot better than normal, but it just didn’t click. At this point, I just need to win races. I need to hang it out there whether I crash or not, really, at this point.

There wasn’t much more for Baggett to say. Daytona, a race he won last year, looms next. Which Baggett will we see there? It seems that right now, Blake himself isn’t sure.