Renegade Racing Fuels Atlanta Race Report

March 2, 2012 1:55pm
Renegade would again secure the top step on the box in the lites class. They would actually take the 1st and 3rd overall with Barcia and Bogle. 13 of the 20 riders in the lites main event would rely on the proven performance of the Renegade products. Kevin Windham would lead the way in the SX class with 8th overall. For more information on the renegade products you can contact Mark Ticen at 270-467-4215 or . You can also check out the Renegade website at click the twitter link on the home page to follow current updates and events. More updates from St. Louis SX and Oak Hill Amateur National next week.

Lites East Overall

1. Justin Barcia Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels
2. Blake Baggett Kaw
3. Justin Bogle Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels
4. Blake Wharton Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels
5. Darryn Durham Kaw
6. Ken Roczen KTM
7. Kyle Cunningham Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels
8. Hunter Hewitt Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels
9. Jake Canada Hon
10. Shane Sewell KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels
11. Lance Vincent KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels
12. PJ Larsen KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels
13. Matt Lemoine Kaw/Renegade Racing Fuels
14. Les Smith KTM
15. Shawn Rife Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels
16. Levi Kilbarger Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels
17. Daniel Herrlein Hon
18. Angelo Pellegrini Suz
19. Austin Politelli Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels
20. Bradley Ripple Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

Supercross Overall

1. Ryan Dungey KTM
2. Ryan Villopoto Kaw
3. James Stewart Yam
4. Davi Millsaps Yam
5. Justin Brayton Hon
6. Cole Seely Hon
7. Jake Weimer Kaw
8. Kevin Windham Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels
9. Brett Metcalfe Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels
10. Nick Wey Kaw
11. Kyle Chisholm Kaw
12. Mike Alessi Suz
13. Matt Goerke Suz
14. Robby Kiniry Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels
15. Josh Hansen Kaw
16. Broc Tickle Kaw
17. Kyle Partridge Kaw
18. Jeff Alessi Suz
19. Justin Sipes Kaw
20. Weston Peick Kaw/Renegade Racing Fuels