Bench Racing Ammo:  Dungeys Perfect Run Indoors

Bench Racing Ammo Dungeys Perfect Run Indoors

March 1, 2012 1:10pm
Last weekend in Atlanta, Kevin Windham added to his legend by racing in his 200th AMA Supercross main event. And perhaps even more impressively, Atlanta marked the 98th-straight SX class main for K-Dub without missing one, a streak of nearly seven seasons dating back to 2006. Incredible!

But while crunching the numbers for Windham, a few people uncovered another amazing stat. Windham’s 98-straight mains is the top active streak, followed by Ryan Dungey, who had raced in all 40 SX mains since joining the class full time in 2010 (he also raced a few rounds on a 450 in 2008). But here’s the more impressive thing—dating back to his days in the Lites class, Dungey has never missed a supercross race in his entire career!

Dungey has yet to miss a supercross race during his career due to injury. The ultimate sign of consistency.
Photo: Garth Milan

That’s right, not a single scheduled supercross missed due to injury. Dungey raced eight Lites races in 2007, nine in 2008 and ten in 2009 (each year includes the East/East Shootout) giving him a total of 37 SX Lites races to go with his 40-straight races full time in the SX class. He also rode three part-time races on a 450 in 2008. Add it up, and Dungey has planned to race 80 supercross races in his career, and hasn’t missed one yet. And chances are, these numbers will keep climbing.