Racer X Tested: CRF270cc Cylinder Works/Hot Cams/FMF

February 28, 2012 7:55pm | by:

Below is a list of all the products used on this project bike. Be sure to stay tuned to the end of the video for riding footage and David Pingree's review of the bike.

CRF270cc  Cylinder Works/Hot Cams/FMF–

Cylinder Works is making a name for itself with stock looking big bore cylinders that not only look good, but they work great too!  For a modern 250cc 4-stroke it is all about making the most power you can.  A big bore kit allows you to do just that.  The big bore kits make a bit more top end power than a standard bore bolt on mod.  However, the most important thing it does is shift the power and torque curve much earlier.  This allows for a 250F to now have that bottom/mid that it can lack.   The good news is that these kits are only $649.95 with a complete piston and gasket kit.  No core charge (you keep you stock cylinder).  
On the dyno, the numbers are very impressive (nearly 6 hp gain and much more torque).

Who are these big bore kits for?
A fast “A” or “B” rider who wants to have a fast practice bike for way less money than building a full mod.  Also the maintenance cost on the valve train is less because you don’t have to run a gnarly cam that requires stiffer valve springs.  A Hot Cams stage-2 cam works great with this package.

Vet rider/racer—Any Vet rider who is not riding a 450 and would like more power.  Vet racers don’t have to worry about any rules in the run what you brung vet classes.

Those who might be “ethically challenged”. Yes, there are those who might say “it’s not cheating if you don’t get caught” or “it’s still not as fast as Barcia’s 250 so I am ok with it."   

Could it make even more horsepower?  You bet, with Head Porting, Hot Cams builder Series cam and good VP Race fuel you would be making big power.

Products used:

HC-1158-2                  Complete drop in stage two cam from Hot Cams $269.95 no springs required

CW-11007-K01          Complete 270cc big bore cylinder kit with piston kit and gaskets. $649.95

Key parts for build:

Cylinder Works                                 www.cylinder-works.com 515-251-4070
+3.2mm Big bore Cylinder Kit 11007-K01 270cc     $649.95    
Includes Forged Vertex Piston and Cometic Top-End gasket kit

Hot Cams                                           www.hotcamsinc.com 515-402-8200
Stage two cam#1158-2                       $269.95

FMF Racing                                      www.fmfracing.com 310-631-4363             
Factory 4.1 RCT Ti Muffler               $549.99
Ti Megabomb header                       $349.99

Tokyomods                                        www.tokyomods.com 888-457-9403
Tokyomods / Vortex 10 Map ECU      $699.95
Or reprogram of stock ECU  $89.95

Injectioneering                                   www.injectioneering.com 310-953-2915
Throttle Body Modifications                $225.00          

MotoTassinari                                   www.mototassinari.com 603.298.6646
Air4orce air boot                                 $298.00

Motosport Outlet
All Mod parts available                       www.motosport.com 888-676-8853
2009 CRF250R clutch cable, mount and arm to run on left side of bike.

Optional performance parts:

Uni Filter                                            www.unifilter.com 714-535-6933
Air Filter

CV4                                                    www.cv4.net 800-874-1223             
Formed Silicone Coolant hoses in yellow
High pressure radiator cap

Renthal                                               www.renthal.com 877-736-8425
Stock front and rear sprocket            
R1 Works Chain                                
997 Twin Walls                                  
Dual compound grips                                     

Dunlop Tire                                       www.dunlopmotorcycle.com 800-845-8378
MX 71 front  90/100-21
MX 51 rear   110/80-19

Applied Racing                                  www.appliedrace.com 951-694-3267
22mm big bar mount triple clamps
Oil vent block off kit

DeCal Works                                     www.decalmx.com 815-784-4000
Semi-Custom Graphics kit                      
Pre printed number plates backgrounds  

Moto Seat                                           www.motoseat.com 951-258-5229
Custom Cool seat cover

Works Connection                            www.worksconnection.com 800-895-8292
Elite Perch      
Factory II  Stand  
Front brake cap
Rear Brake cap
Radiator Braces
Chain blocks  
Engine plugs
Oil filler plugs
Rotating font brake mount
Hour meter and mount

Bel-Ray                                              www.belray.com 732-378-4080

Hinson Clutch Components                 www.hinsonracing.com 909-946-2942
Inner Hub/Pressure Plate Kit             
Billet Clutch Basket                                                   
Outer Cover

MB1 Suspension                              www.mb1suspension.com 951-371-5045
Suspension re-valve   

CDG Technology                              www.cdgtech.com 530-243-4451
Ti pegs                        

Applied Racing                                  www.appliedrace.com 951-694-3267
22mm Triple Clamps, rubber mounted big bar mounts

Moto-Master                                      www.moto-masterusa.com 800-749-2890
270mm Oversized Rotor/Adaptor Bracket 270mm OS Rotor - $175.00
270mm Adaptor Bracket - $74.95
Flame Rear Disc - $109.00

TCR Wheels—                                  www.wheellacing.com 209 368-9800
Custom turned and anodized stock hubs