Racer X Outstanding  Performance: Cole Seely

Racer X Outstanding Performance: Cole Seely

February 26, 2012 5:55pm
Last week Cole Seely told us he’d like to finish in the top ten in his 450 rides for Muscle Milk Honda, and by that measure, he did well by finishing sixth in Atlanta. But his performance was much more impressive than a sixth-place finish even indicates, and that’s why we are presenting him with this week’s Racer X Outstanding Performance Award.

Seely holeshot the SX class main and then held his own against 2010 SX Champion Ryan Dungey, leading for seven laps.

“That was amazing,” said Seely to us after the race. “Coming back onto the 450s for the second time, that was more than I expected.”

Lap after lap clicked off with Seely running the pace of the fastest 450 riders in the world. He looked smooth doing it, too. “It was kind of confusing. No one was putting a wheel in on me for the first three laps, and then I kinda’ thought I could win the thing. After I led the first five laps, I thought, “I don’t know, I guess I only have to do three more of those!”


Seely wasn't pumped on Dungey's aggressive pass--but he'll learn from it, surely.
Cudby Photo

Then Dungey closed up on the Lites West contender and made an aggressive pass, shutting down Seely’s drive before a rhythm section. “But once Dungey passed me, I kind of lost my composure a little bit. I just got a little tight. Just leading that long, and having Dungey slow me up like that, it kind of made everything come back to me.”

Seely would later tweet that he held his breath for those first seven laps. Certainly there are lessons to be learned from this performance, and he can transfer those lessons over to his return to Lites racing in April. But for now, he wants to enjoy this performance a little.

“I was pumped, it couldn’t get much better,” he said. “Well, I guess I could have won, and that would have been even better. But I’m still pumped.”