DMXS Party Tonight!

February 24, 2012 12:10pm
It's that time folks!  Yes there's a race.   Yes there's a points chase, but that's not the real story as the sport of supecross converges on the city of Atlanta.  The real story is the DMXS Atlanta Supercross PRE Party.  Yep we're at it again and we would dig it if you would join us tonight at 9pm.  It's like our 45th year hosting the party and it's our chance to say thanks and hello to the good people that listen to the show and offer up a killer night to socialize and talk the talk.  It's a 21 and up crowd though we'll be much older and slower than that.  If your a guy and  have Eagle Wings on the pockets of your pants you will be asked to leave at the door :)

Where's it at?
Tongue & Groove, 565 Main St NE

What Time?



Because it's awesome and fun and neat and

How Much?
Free if you mention DMXS at the door

What else?

Slick your hair up, tuck your shirt in, hit the gym, spray tan, teeth whitening strips and pop that collar!