Renegade Racing Fuels Dallas Report

February 23, 2012 3:50pm

Renegade fuels would take a short break from the west coast and move to the first round of the east coast supercross series in Dallas. Renegade had some very outstanding results while out on the west coast and was looking to carry the same momentum into the first round of east coast. The fleet of Renegade Racing Fuel riders and teams would attack Dallas and not disappoint. Kevin Windham would lead the way for Renegade in the 450 class with a 7th overall finish followed by Brett Metcalfe, Robby Kiniry, Gavin Faith, and Nico Izzi. Renegade Racing Fuels would then control the Lites class main event in dominating fashion. They would secure 14 of the 20 positions in the main event. Renegade has become known as the fuel of choice for the top teams and riders. They have also become known as the fuel of choice for the Amateur National racers as well.

Mark Ticen, Powersports Director for Renegade Racing Fuels had this to say about the progress of the fuel company, “In the last couple of years we have gone from having a pretty strong presence in the industry to the point of having all but about four riders in the last supercross race in Dallas. In the Lites class that is. We look at the Lites class as a class that is looking to find every ounce of power out of their bikes and that is why they rely on the Renegade products. Sure there are other options for fuel and some do a great job at marketing their brand. Only one company, that being Renegade, brings true performance to the table. Performance to us is not only having a product that offers the most performance but also offers the best stability and reliability to the teams and riders. Once we have accomplished that we then back it up with the very best R&D Department to bring these teams and riders technical support unmatched by any other fuel company in the powersports industry.  We are more than just a company that says here is the fuel you need to use and good luck this season. We have our R&D Director, Josh Pitts, working very closely with the top teams and riders in the world to not only bring them the best performance but also to develop our products so we can offer the same performance to customers all over world. It is the team work from everyone at Renegade Racing Fuels that has made our products a staple of this industry. It is everyone from Customer Service people , Blending Technicians, warehouse people that package and ship order to the people in Accounting that take care of invoices that make it possible for us to perform at the highest level of excellence.”

Renegade Racing Fuels would secure the following position at the first round of east coast supercross held in Dallas,


Supercross Overall

1. Ryan Villopoto Kaw

2. Ryan Dungey KTM

3. Jake Weimer Kaw

4. Mike Alessi Suz

5. Josh Hansen Kaw

6. James Stewart Yam

7. Kevin Windham Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

8. Brett Metcalfe Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

9. Justin Brayton Hon

10. Kyle Chisholm Kaw

11. Broc Tickle Kaw

12. Nick Wey Kaw

13. Kyle Partridge Kaw

14. Robby Kiniry Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

15. Davi Millsaps Yam

16. Matt Goerke Suz

17. Gavin Faith Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

18. Nico Izzi Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels

19. Jeff Alessi Suz

20. Chad Reed Hon


Lites East Overall

1. Justin Barcia Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

2. Darryn Durham Kaw

3. Ken Roczen KTM

4. Blake Wharton Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

5. Phillip Nicoletti Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

6. Malcolm Stewart KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels

7. Jake Canada Suz

8. PJ Larsen KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels

9. Cole Thompson Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

10. Lance Vincent KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels

11. Alex Martin Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

12. Hunter Hewitt Suz/Renegade Racing Fuels

13. Austin Politelli Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

14. Justin Bogle Hon/Renegade Racing Fuels

15. Blake Baggett Kaw

16. Les Smith KTM

17. Angelo Pellegrini Suz

18. Sean Hackley KTM/Renegade Racing Fuels

19. Matt Lemoine Kaw/Renegade Racing Fuels

20. Kyle Cunningham Yam/Renegade Racing Fuels


For more information on the Renegade products you can go to or you can contact Mark Ticen at 270-467-4215. Mark can be reached by email at . Renegade is always increasing their dealer network. If you have a  local dealer looking for the Renegade products they can contact Mark at the number or email listed above. Look for more updates from Renegade Racing Fuels very soon.


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