250 Words: Dallas

250 Words Dallas

February 19, 2012 4:45pm
Young men behaving badly? Now that's entertainment! At least that is what I was thinking as I watched the opening round of the East Region Lites play out under the big screen in Dallas. And when guest commentator Ricky Carmichael wondered out loud if the erratic Malcolm Stewart was “in a timeout” after he tangled with rookie Justin Bogle, it was laugh-out-loud funny. Unless you were Malcolm, and certainly Justin, who not only lost a clean shot at the podium when the younger Stewart took him out, but then reacted badly by slapping the back of Mookie's helmet. It was an entertaining end to a night of old-fashioned banging in the Lites class.

Race winner Justin Barcia rode exactly the way you would expect a kid known as “Bam Bam” to ride, trading aggressive passes with the likes of Blake Wharton, Darryn Duham and everyone else on his way to the win. That's not the kind of racing we've seen for the first six weeks of the season out West, where they have been racing with less offense against one another.



The racing was close in Dallas. Will the aggression level go up even further in Atlanta?
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The turbulent action had to be an eye-opening for Ken Roczen, the third-place finisher who many felt would be the big favorite here. He made it through fairly unscathed, but he waited too long to start moving forward in the main (the opposite of what he did in winning his heat race) and let Barcia get away once he cleared Darryn Durham.

Roczen now knows for sure—as does Durham, Wharton and the rest—that beating Barcia will likely include banging with him, and that's something the red-plated GEICO Honda rider has no problem doing. Watch closely from here on out, because the gloves are already off in this wild region.