Ask Ping!

Ask Ping!

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Dear Ping,

I noticed something strange about the race in LA: there weren’t many people in the stadium, and those that did go almost exclusively wore the color black. I’ve noticed the same thing about Oakland in the past – at least they have the Raiders as an excuse. Why don’t these people wear colors? What’s wrong with ROYGBIV? Are these the people who show up at the track with an all black bike and spikes on their chest protectors (and no jersey underneath)?

New York City


  • Follow the leader.
Dear Mark,

Los Angelinos are a special breed of people. I don’t mean special as in wearing a helmet all the time and riding a short bus to school, but more unique in their fashion sense and culture. Black is en vogue recently, according to Cosmo, so rich girls and all the fancy pants boys headed to Beverly Hills with dad’s credit card and picked up an entire wardrobe in black. Those on the other end of the pay scale buy black because it doesn’t show dirt or wear and tear as easily as lighter colors. You can thank Eazy E and his popular rap group from a couple decades ago for the Raider’s gear craze up in Oakland. Al Davis’s team could have sucked big-time and he’s still getting paid from all the jerseys, jackets and hats they sold. Maybe you’ll get some rainbow colors back in the stands this weekend. If there’s anywhere they like the colors of the rainbow it’s the bay area.




Saw you bumped into Tom Cruise this week… Who’s taller, you or him?

Tyson (via Twitter- @davidpingree)


  • Short guy trick: Wear high heels. It's not gay if you're not tall.
Dear Tyson,

I think I’ve got him covered. My wife noticed right away that he had on boots with a lifted heel in them. As we passed by him I was roughly the same height with a flat pair of Adidas shoes on. So, I think if we were back-to-back with no shoes on I’m taller than him by at least half an inch. You hear that? I’m taller than Maverick. I’m taller than Cole Trickle. I’m taller than Mr. Mission Impossible, Ethan Hunt. To clarify, I didn’t stalk him around Disneyland all day. I’m not that creepy. I clicked off a couple stalker camera shots, stared and pointed for a minute and then went on with my day with my family. What can I say? I’m easily star-struck and he’s about as famous as they come.




I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a hydration pack? I do longer rides with a group of guys but I can’t get my Camelback to work with my Leatt and chest protector. And packing water bottles in a fanny pack just doesn’t work. Is there a better way?

Thirsty in Victorville


Dear Thirsty,

You are in luck, my friend. I don’t do a lot of off-road riding that requires me to bring water but I stumbled upon a product that could work for you. It’s designed for joggers but as far as function and style it is perfectly suited for motocross. Check out this brief video and get ready to get your water on.

Improves confidence while riding.


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