Yamaha Wake-Up Call

Yamaha Wake-Up Call

January 23, 2012 6:00am
Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship
Dodger Staduim - Los Angeles, CA

Supercross Overall
1. Chad Reed Hon
10. Mike Alessi Suz
11. Jake Weimer Kaw
13. Nick Wey Kaw
14. Andrew Short Hon
15. Weston Peick Kaw
17. Josh Grant Kaw
18. Ivan Tedesco Kaw
19. Trey Canard Hon
20. Ryan Morais Yam

Supercross Class Heat 1 (Top 9 Advance)
1. J. Stewart
2. M. Alessi
3. A. Short
4. I. Tedesco
5. B. Metcalfe
6. D. Millsaps
7. B. Tickle
8. C. Reed
9. W. Peick
10. K. Partridge
11. M. Goerke
12. J. Albertson
13. C. Mackie
14. M. Horban
15. F. Thuresson
16. A. Enticknap
17. C. Coulon
18. N. Schimdt
19. C. Gilmore
20. S. Lipanovich

Stewart (3rd), Reed (1st), and Dungey (2nd) topped the SX podium.
Photo: Simon Cudby

Supercross Clase Heat 2 (Top 9 Advance)
1. R. Villopoto
2. J. Weimer
3. T. Canard
4. R. Dungey
5. R. Morais
6. J. Grant
7. K. Chisholm
8. K. Windham
9. J. Hansen
10. J. Brayton
11. C. Blose
12. N. Wey
13. B. Lamay
14. J. Sipes
15. J. Thomas
16. H. Harrison
17. J. Alessi
18. G. Crater
19. A. Ray
20. C. Stone

Supercross Class LCQ (Top 2 Advance)
1. K. Partridge
2. N. Wey
3. M. Goerke
4. J. Albertson
5. J. Sipes
6. J. Thomas
7. J. Brayton
8. B. Lamay
9. C. Mackie
10. M. Horban
11. H. Harrison
12. C. Stone
13. C. Gilmore
14. N. Schimdt
15. F. Thuresson
16. A. Ray
17. A. Enticknap
18. G. Crater
19. C. Coulon
20. S. Lipanovich

Tomac took home his first win of 2012 in the Lites class.
Photo: Simon Cudby

Lites West Overall
1. Eli Tomac Hon
3. Zach Osborne Yam
6. Max Anstie Hon
7. Michael Leib Hon
8. Matt Moss KTM
11. Nico Izzi Yam
12. Ryan Sipes Yam
13. Vince Friese Hon
14. Teddy Maier Hon
15. Cole Seely Hon
17. Nick Paluzzi Kaw
18. Gavin Faith Hon
20. Travis Baker Hon

Lites West Heat 1 (Top 9 Advance)
1. R. Sipes
2. D. Wilson
3. Z. Osborne
4. C. Seely
5. M. Leib
6. M. Anstie
7. V. Friese
8. S. Champion
9. B. Laninovich
10. G. Faith
11. B. Vallee
12. R. Urseth
13. C. Hinson
14. J. Anderson
15. A. Chatfield
16. L. Powell
17. J. Greco
18. B. Hudson
19. M. Tedder
20. J. Ramos


Dean Wilson would finish second behind Tomac.
Photo: Andrew Fredrickson

Lites West Heat 2 (Top 9 Advance)
1. M. Davalos
2. E. Tomac
3. M. Musquin
4. N. Izzi
5. T. Rattray
6. T. Maier
7. M. Moss
8. T. Baker
9. N. Paluzzi
10. K. Beaton
11. T. Ingalls
12. K. Rusk
13. T. Odell
14. R. Stewart
15. M. Alcorn
16. G. Swanepoel
17. P. Mull
18. G. Steinke
19. T. Tapia
20. B. Rutherford

Lites West LCQ (Top 2 Advance)
1. J. Anderson
2. G. Faith
3. T. Ingalls
4. C. Hinson
5. B. Vallee
6. B. Hudson
7. G. Swanepoel
8. A. Chatfield
9. K. Beaton
10. R. Urseth
11. G. Steinke
12. L. Powell
13. K. Rusk
14. M. Alcorn
15. J. Greco
16. B. Rutherford
17. P. Mull
18. T. Odell
19. T. Tapia
20. R. Stewart
21. J. Ramos
22. M. Tedder

Reed would get around Weimer early and never look back en route to his first win of 2012.
Photo: Simon Cudby

Supercross Points Standings
Ryan Dungey 67pts. KTM
Chad Reed 63pts. Hon
Ryan Villopoto 63pts. Kaw
Jake Weimer 48pts. Kaw
James Stewart 48pts. Yam
Kevin Windham 43pts. Hon
Brett Metcalfe 38pts. Suz
Andrew Short 36pts. Hon
Josh Hansen 36pts. Kaw
Davi Millsaps 28pts. Yam
Mike Alessi 28pts. Suz
Justin Brayton 25pts. Hon
Kyle Chisholm 25pts. Kaw
Broc Tickle 22pts. Kaw
Ivan Tedesco 21pts. Kaw
Trey Canard 14pts. Hon
Nick Wey 9pts. Kaw
Chris Blose 9pts. Kaw
Kyle Partridge 9pts. Kaw
Ryan Morais 6pts. Yam

Lites West Point Standings
Eli Tomac 63pts Hon
Dean Wilson 62pts Kaw
Tyla Rattray 60pts Kaw
Cole Seely 47pts Hon
Zach Osborne 47pts Yam
Jason Anderson 44pts Suz
Marvin Musquin 42pts KTM
Max Anstie 32pts Hon
Nico Izzi 32pts Yam
Billy Laninovich 27pts Hon
Ryan Sipes 25pts Yam
Michael Leib 24pts. Hon
Matt Moss 23pts KTM
Travis Baker 23pts Hon
Vince Friese 21pts Hon
Teddy Maier 21pts Hon
Martin Davalos 15pts. Suz
Wil Hahn 13pts Hon
Scott Champion 10pts Hon
Bruce Rutherford 8pts Hon
Ryan Dungey now holds the outright points lead after finishing second in L.A.
Photo: Simon Cudby

AMA Arenacross Series
Nutter Center - Dayton, OH

Arenacross Overall
1. Tyler Bowers Kaw
2. Jeff Gibson Hon
3. Nathan Skaggs Hon
4. Zach Ames Kaw
5. Cole Siebler Hon
6. Kevin Johnson KTM
7. Kelly Smith KTM
8. Cory Green Suz
9. Chad Johnson Kaw
10. Willy Browning KTM
11. Steven Mages Kaw
12. Michael McDade Kaw
13. Michael Willard KTM
14. Austin Coon Hon
15. Tony Archer KTM
16. Daniel Blair KTM

Lites East Overall
1. Steven Mages Kaw
2. Michael Willard KTM
3. Michael McDade Kaw
4. Chad Cook Kaw
5. Patrick Massie Hon
6. Michael Lang Hon
7. Kyle White Hon
8. Daniel Blair KTM
9. Kevin Markwardt Hon
10. Jake Locks Kaw
11. Scott Zont Hon
12. Randy Woodring Kaw
13. Austin Coon Hon
14. Tony Archer KTM
15. Maxx Malatia Hon
16. Kevin Johnson KTM

Tyler Bowers continues to lead the Arenacross class points standings.
Photo: Arenacross.com

Arenacross Points Standings
Tyler Bowers 260pts Kaw
Jeff Gibson 245pts. Hon
Chad Johnson 218pts Kaw
Kelly Smith 186pts KTM
Nathan Skaggs 173pts Hon
Zach Ames 164pts. Kaw
Willy Browning 128pts KTM
Josh Demuth 127pts Kaw
Travis Sewell 101pts KTM
Cory Green 86pts Suz

Arenacross Lites East Points Standings
Michael McDade 176pts Kaw
Michael Willard 159pts KTM
Dave Ginolfi 150pts KTM
Steven Mages 140pts Kaw
Kevin Johnson 102pts Kaw
Travis Sewell 91pts KTM
Austin Coon 77pts Hon
Daniel Blair 75pts KTM
Kyle White 72pts Hon
Maxx Malatia 58pts Hon

Arenacross Lites West Points Standings
Tanner Moore 47pts. KTM
Chad Cook 47pts. Kaw
Kevin Markwardt 36pts. Hon
Brandon Marley 19pts
Cody Curch 18pts. Kaw
Aviery Hickey 11pts Hon
Shawn Rife 7pts. Hon
Devin Reed 6pts
Jake Locks 6pts. Kaw
Jerermy Huddleston 5pts. KTM
Jeff Gibson now sits fifteen points back of Bowers.
Photo: Arenacross.com