Practice Report: Anaheim 1

Practice Report Anaheim 1

January 7, 2012 8:20pm

Good evening race fans, and welcome to the first practice report of the year, coming to you from Angels Stadium in Anaheim, Calif. A tight, winding track, along with a few large roller jumps, has kept lap times above the minute mark. After watching practice, it’s evident that there are a few sections that will likely become one-lined during tonight’s racing, which means we might be in for some aggressive passing. For a more detailed description of the track, have a look at the morning report, right here. /2012/01/07/morning-report-anaheim-1

The first Lites A practice started out with Marvin Musquin and Dean Wilson battling back and forth for the fastest time. After a few laps, however, Musquin took firm control of the leader board, and ended the session with a fast time of 1.03.035. Tomac hovered around the top three during the entire session, and ended up a tick behind Musquin with a 1.03.457. Cole Seely came next with a 1.03.854, followed by Wilson (1.03.892), Ryan Sipes (1.03.955), Tyla Rattray (1.04.042), Wil Hahn (1.04.113), Nico Izzi (1.04.190), Martin Davalos (1.04.381), and (Travis Baker 1.04.714). Have a look at those lap times, they’re pretty tightly bunched!



Ryan Dungey looks comfortable and competitive on his KTM.
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The second A session was a bit more competitive, and the fastest time changed hands early and often. Sipes immediately set the fast time, and from there, it went to Hahn, to Seely, to Musquin, to Wilson, before ultimately ending back up with Sipes by way of a 1.02.218. Seely followed with a 1.02.602, then Tomac (1.02.781), Wilson (1.02.791), Musquin (1.02.969), and Hahn (1.03.131). Just like the first session, the top times were very close.

In the B sessions, Zach Osborne, who is racing several supercross races this year before heading to the GPs, ruled the leader board, followed closely by Jason Anderson. Osborne’s fastest time was a 1.02.613, while Anderson’s was a 1.02.973. Both fast times came during the second qualifier.

When the SX class hit the dirt, the fast time was immediately set by Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto. Ryan Dungey and James Stewart briefly held the top spot, but Villopoto quickly bested them to regain control of the board. Other than that, there wasn’t a lot that went on during this session. RV set a 1.01.628, followed by Stewart (1.01.744), Dungey (1.02.360), Chad Reed (1.02.969), Andrew Short (1.03.399), Austin Stroupe (1.03.429), Justin Brayton (1.03.726), and Broc Tickle (1.04.716).



Stiff competition in Lites West? Ryan Sipes doesn't care--he was fastest in qualifying.
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During the second qualifier, the times improved substantially, and it was Villopoto who once again rocketed ahead of the pack. His 1.01.647 would remain the fastest lap until the very end of the session, and it looked like it would hold, until Stewart busted out an astounding 1.00.369. If Stewart is able to maintain that pace throughout the main event, the rest of the pack could be in for a long night. Dungey was third fastest with a 1.02.120, followed by Brayton (1.02.340), Tickle (1.02.533), Windham (1.02.960), Reed (1.03.009), Short (1.03.367), and Stroupe (1.03.702). Brett Metcalfe had a rough time in both sessions and ended up 16th out of 16 each time out.

The B group had quite a few fast guys in it, including Jake Weimer, Kyle Chisholm, Josh Hansen, Jimmy Albertson, Josh Grant, Ryan Morais and Josh Hill. Nobody was a match for Jake Weimer, however, and he set and maintained the fastest time in both sessions. Weimer’s fastest time was a 1.02.455. Of note, Hill was eighth fastest in his second session, and in his first race back, he set a very respectable time of 1.05.516.

That’s it for qualifying in Anaheim. Fortunately we made it through all sessions without any major injuries, and tonight’s action promises to be intense and entertaining. Make sure to keep visiting Racer X Online, and follow us on Twitter, @racerxonline, for live updates from tonight’s race.


Reedy gettin' himself some.
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