Your Collection: 1987 Coors Supercross Press Kits

January 3, 2012 9:20am

This weeks collection comes to us from Mike Kolar in East Lansing, MI.


Attached are press packets I got when I sat in the press box at the 1987 Pontiac Supercross.  The only one missing is Team Yamaha which my brother (a Yamaha fanatic) still has- it had rider photos (Broc Glover and Jeff Leisk) and are framed in his basement bar.   However, I kept the rest. Check out how many riders Team Suzuki had.  Also, zoom in on Ron Lechien’s riding photo- he has no gloves on!  What’s up with that?  You should have someone at Racer X ask him about this- inquiring minds want to know!!

- Mike