Yamaha Wake-Up Call

Yamaha Wake-Up Call

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AMA Arenacross Series
Arenacross Points Standings
Jeff Gibson 144pts. (Hon)
Tyler Bowers 138pts. (Kaw)
Chad Johnson 129pts. (Kaw)
Josh Demuth 127pts. (Kaw)
Kelly Smith 117pts. (KTM)
Nathan Skaggs 86pts. (Hon)
Zach Ames 79pts. (Kaw)
Willy Browning 78pts. (KTM)
Tyler Bright 56pts. (KTM)
Michael Willard 55pts. (KTM)
Defending Arenacross Champion Tyler Bowers trails Jeff Gibson by six points after the first four rounds of the series.
Photo: Simon Cudby

Arenacross Lites East Points Standings
Michael Willard 119pts. (KTM)
Michael McDade 114pts. (Kaw)
Dave Ginolfi 100pts. (KTM)
Steven Mages 88pts. (Kaw)
Travis Sewell 69pts. (KTM)
Kevin Johnson 59pts. (Kaw)
Austin Coon 48pts. (Hon)
Maxx Malatia 45pts. (Hon)
TJ Phillips 44pts. (Kaw)
Kyle White 38pts. (Hon)

Arenacross Lites West Points Standings
Michael Willard 25pts. (KTM)
Aaron Gulley 22pts. (Kaw)
Dave Ginolfi 20pts. (KTM)
Adam Gulley 18pts. (Kaw)
Daniel Blair 16pts. (KTM)
Tanner Moore 15pts. (KTM)
Kevin Markwardt 14pts. (Hon)
TJ Phillips 13pts. (KTM)
Maxx Malatia 12pts. (KTM)
Aviery Hickey 11pts. (Hon)
AX points leader Jeff Gibson.
Photo: Simon Cudby

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